About us

The vision of the founders of Budapest Dental Dentistry

The founders’ aim from the start was to make their practice a symbol of unquestionable quality. The dentistry’s 10+ carefully selected dentists use the world’s leading-edge technologies to make diagnoses that are far more accurate than the average, resulting in the safest possible professional solutions for patients. Without any unpleasant surprises. For the next 15 years too.

Knowledge, Innovation, Tradition. Budapest Dental. Since 15 years!

Painless anaesthesia

Ultracain DS Forte

Ultracain DS Forte is an anaesthetic containing articaine, which provides four times more numbness and anaesthesia than the traditional lidocaine anaesthetic in the surgical area. In addition, the duration of the effect lasts about twice as long.

Anaesthetic gel for injection

With a simple preparation, the sensation of injecting an anaesthetic injection can be reduced, and in many cases eliminated altogether. The fruity-tasting jelly numbs the mucous membrane painlessly, so that the needle prick is hardly felt, if at all.

Be in safe hands, forget the pain

One of Budapest’s most traditional dental practices, known and respected by patients and the profession, it has helped more than 22,000 satisfied patients.

Whether it’s a simple filling or a complex oral surgery problem, you can be sure that Budapest Dental Dentistry will recommend and implement the most optimal intervention for each case.

And with a guarantee. Professionalism comes first: here the owner is a dentist motivated by the satisfied smile of his patients and not by the success of marketing campaigns.

No coincidence: 97.4% of patients would recommend Budapest Dental to their friends*

It makes a difference which dentist you go to. It’s hard to find the right one among all the prices that are bidding against each other. There is no time to read the fine print of a bid. So the quality of the technology used, the final price to be paid and the result obtained can be a source of unpleasant surprises. But not at Budapest Dental.

Ask for a treatment plan and experience the peace of mind our team of doctors provide, combined with what 22,000 patients consider good value for money, to give you peace of mind.

*Results are based on a printed questionnaire survey, anonymously and voluntarily placed at Budapest Dental since 13 October 2016, without any gift incentives, and are continuously updated. The last date of completion is 13 November 2019, this data reflects the results of the timeline indicated above based on 163 completions.

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Discuss your dental needs with our staff, who will recommend the most appropriate member of our team to carry out the assessment. Your treatment will then be carried out by the dentist with the most expertise in the field.

5+1 reasons to choose Budapest Dental

High standards: collective medical expertise recognised by the profession

  • The practice has been a hand-picked team since its inception: only one in ten dental candidates can start working at Budapest Dental.
  • Instead of “businessmen”, you’ll be helped by a highly experienced collective of “healing doctors” who pool their knowledge.
  • Budapest Dental Dentistry is one of only a handful of residency-training dental practices in Budapest.

Easy access, central location, speed, genuine care and attention

  • Waiting times are minimal at the clinic near Margaret Bridge.
  • Budapest Dental Dentistry informs its patients of the next recommended date for regular check-ups – because prevention is the most cost-effective protection for your teeth.
  • Feel free to ask! At Budapest Dental, our dentists are very patient with your questions – experience it for yourself!

Our patients
are coming back


  • At Budapest Dental, the common fear of “is there a good dentist in the office for my problem” is eliminated. With thousands of patients, this is not a question here, as almost every problem is a familiar and well-rehearsed task for the doctors.
  • 70% of patients return at regular intervals because they know they have not had an unresolved dental problem here.

Professionalism: own professional blog, with 1 million characters

  • Our doctors have so far shared several books of professional texts on the practice website alone.
  • Our dentists are passionate about improving the public’s knowledge of dentistry. The practice’s blog is written by the dentists themselves, rather than from cobbled-together articles.

Affordable price, warranty, cutting-edge technologies


  • No gimmicks: given the experience of our team of doctors, state-of-the-art technology and the safety of the treatment, much higher prices would not be unreasonable.
  • You benefit from a guarantee for all services where this is professionally possible and justified. Typical warranty periods are 2-5 years.

There’s no “scare from the dentist” here

You can experience what many patients have already experienced: the fears that have been building up due to previous experiences are eliminated.

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