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Aesthetic dentistry

It is possible! Experience for yourself the modern possibilities of aesthetic dentistry!

Looking for a prettier, more confident smile? Step into action! Sometimes a simple procedure can help, other times a complex series of treatments may be needed – but a smile can be made beautiful.
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Frequently asked questions about aesthetic

Would you like a nicer one? Whiter? Brighter? Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers in the field of aesthetic dentistry

The most common cause of decayed incisors is trauma. This can be a sudden injury caused by an accident or a long-lasting effect, such as an incorrect biting position of the upper and lower teeth. In other cases, it may be a result of the graying of a tooth that has been root canal treated in the past.


The possibilities of aesthetic dentistry are wide, but first the exact diagnosis, i.e. the cause of the grey tooth colour, must be established. This always requires an X-ray and in some cases a 3D CBCT scan.


In the simplest case, in a tooth that has had a root canal in the past, the filling material is removed from the crown and a whitening agent is placed in the tooth for a few days. Home treatment can be supplemented with laser bleaching. The bleaching is repeated two or three times until the tooth colour matches the colour of the rest of the teeth. For a whiter effect, you can use one of the most important treatments in aesthetic dentistry, LED light tooth whitening, or home splint whitening, after bleaching the tooth. In this way, the tooth colours are harmonised and the entire row of teeth becomes whiter and more brilliant.

This depends mainly on the case. Sometimes there is so much decay or wear in the mouth that it is not possible to bleach immediately, because the bleaching material would have a detrimental effect on the open or decayed dentin surfaces. In such cases, the filling is first done temporarily or with a lighter tooth shade than the original tooth shade, to block the deep cavities from the bleach. A next phase of whitening can be done, after which the permanent white fillings are created.


Whitening should be considered especially before anterior fillings, even if it means that the overall aesthetic dental treatment will take longer. A whiter tooth colour can be matched with a whiter filling material and a whiter smile.


It is important to note that after whitening, only the tooth enamel darkens, not the filling. It is therefore necessary to repeat the whitening process from time to time.

Yes, go for it! Home whitening is a convenient and effective aesthetic treatment! There are many different teeth whitening products on the internet that are recommended for home use. Some may be effective, but it's worth checking the ingredients. For example, there are also cheap tooth whiteners containing acids that cause enamel to etch. This may cause temporary whitening, but in the longer term such enamel will become more discoloured.


If you're thinking about cheap, at-home whitening, ask your dentist for home whitening with trays instead. Sinek has an effective, gentle whitener containing 6% peroxide.


Aesthetic dentistry is not just about whitening. In many cases, it is not slightly discoloured teeth that are the main aesthetic problem, but a bite disorder or a greyed filling. If you really want more beautiful teeth, think aesthetic, not just white. To do this, ask a professional for an opinion!

Both metal-ceramic crowns and zirconium-ceramic crowns are part of the field of aesthetic dentistry. In the past, we only had metal-ceramic crowns and everything was replaced with metal-ceramic crowns. Nowadays there are many materials and methods available, such as full porcelain crowns or zirconium ceramic crowns. If aesthetics are most important, a full porcelain crown without a frame is recommended. However, this cannot be made everywhere and is mainly used in the smile region.


Metallic ceramics are the other extreme, with a strong metal frame with porcelain veneer. Excellent for the back teeth, chewing zone, but not recommended for the front area.


The appropriate transition is zirconia, with a white zirconia frame that provides adequate stability, on which the porcelain veneer is sufficiently aesthetic for both the front and the grinding zone.

Aesthetic dentistry can recommend several methods to aesthetically restore the filling of teeth that are often filled, greyed and worn.


1. aesthetic dentistry - direct shell build-up in the dental office


2. aesthetic dentistry method - porcelain veneers


3. aesthetic dentistry method - porcelain crowns


There is a possibility to switch between the methods, which are decided together by the dentist and the patient. The patient's priorities are important:


  • Do you want the most beautiful solution possible and don't care how much tooth material will be lost?
  • Do you want the simplest possible solution that preserves as much of the original tooth structure as possible?


With fillings, direct shell restorations, more tooth material can be preserved, the aesthetic result will be beautiful, but there are disadvantages: the edges of the filling need to be polished occasionally, the transition between the filling and the natural tooth may be visible to some extent.


Covering with a porcelain shell or crown gives a completely natural effect, as if the natural tooth enamel were covering the tooth. However, these procedures also use tooth material that may be intact.


The best aesthetic dental solution is always tailored to the patient's needs, discussing options and alternatives. It is important that you only start an aesthetic dental treatment when you are fully aware of the results you can expect.

A porcelain shell is a lens-shaped, thin ceramic covering on the front surface of the teeth. They help to change the original tooth colour and shape. There are many criteria for making a porcelain shell, for example, it cannot be made for all bite shapes. This includes, in particular, deep bites, and it is also forbidden for patients who grind regularly, as the thin material can break off the tooth.


However, if the patient's dentition is suitable for the preparation of shells, it is the most beautiful aesthetic dental procedure, which allows to achieve a truly durable, white and aesthetic smile. In most cases, the teeth of actors and stars, unless they are originally so beautiful, are cosmetically treated with porcelain shells for a white and sexy smile.

The more actively we reach into the enamel or dentin surface structures, the more we can give the teeth a uniform aesthetic covering. This means that when working with an aesthetic tooth-coloured filling material, we only remove the tooth structures that are needed, but do not touch the rest of the tooth surface. We build up the missing part with an aesthetic filling material. This aesthetic procedure sacrifices little tooth material, but has the disadvantage that the edge of the restoration is more often discoloured and has to be replaced from time to time. The outer surface of the tooth will not be as uniform. So it's nice, but not as durable - but it's a much cheaper aesthetic dental treatment than porcelain veneers.


If you are looking for the most durable solution, a porcelain shell or crown will be the focus of your aesthetic treatment. With this, the natural enamel surface can be perfectly imitated. The disadvantage is that it may require the sacrifice of more tooth material.

Most patients seeking aesthetic dental treatment prefer to opt for a cosmetic dental package with teeth whitening. The first step of the treatment is the removal of tartar, followed by a thorough salt polishing to remove any discolouration. The final step is a gentle whitening treatment that leaves the thoroughly cleaned surfaces truly whiter. This triple combination is very good for patients who do not have other aesthetic problems in the front zone, such as greyed filling edges or unsightly crowns.


Otherwise, preventive aesthetic dental treatments may be needed before the cosmetic package. 


In our experience, many younger patients who do not want any other medical intervention or even a dental check-up are enrolled for a cosmetic package. It's just the cosmetic part that's important, so that they can arrive at their evening date or meeting with a fresh, fresh smile. The treatment is carried out by a dental hygienist. Of course, he or she can also alert the patient to a serious dental problem, but a thorough oral examination requires a dentist. 

Let's see what steps can aesthetic dental treatments consist of?

For aesthetic treatments, you may need doctors from several dental specialities. Budapest Dental works together as a team. The modern facilities of our practice support us in giving you the best of our knowledge.

Smile design

You may also be unsure how to get started, which aesthetic treatments you may need. The assessment will give you the answers, with a written summary of alternative treatment suggestions in your treatment plan.

Aesthetic treatments

Aesthetic dentistry supports you in many ways. Gum health is always the foundation. If the gums are tight, whitening treatments can be performed, followed by direct or porcelain shell restoration. Tooth gaps can be filled with zirconium crowns.

Gum treatments

Gum health is like the foundation of a house. You cannot start cosmetic or aesthetic treatments if your gums are inflamed or bleeding. The state-of-the-art gum treatment concept, Guided Biofilm Therapy, helps keep teeth healthy for life!

Aesthetic shells

A composite direct shell, which can be made by the dentist in one session in the dental practice, is a means of solving minor formal defects. For a more elegant, beautiful restoration, a glass ceramic porcelain shell is recommended, made in collaboration with a dental technician.

Dental implants

The most natural method of replacing missing teeth is tooth implantation, because in this case it is not necessary to grind down the teeth bordering the missing tooth, the lost tooth can be replaced aesthetically one by one with the titanium dental implant screw.

Orthodontic management

Orthodontic treatment is a means of resolving malocclusions, or gaps. With the most elegant method, invisible orthodontics, removable braces, you can achieve a regular, aesthetic set of teeth in up to six months, and do it comfortably.

Aesthetic dental treatments to make your smile beautiful!

Teeth whitening

If you’re a more sensitive type looking for a quick, painless and affordable solution, we recommend a cosmetic package that includes gum treatment and teeth whitening. In complex cases, peroxide dental whitening is a good choice.

Porcelain aesthetics

If your smile is unattractive, or you may be reluctant to smile because you have immediately visible greyed out, often crowded teeth in the front zone, or slightly irregular teeth, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns or zirconium crowns may be a beneficial option.

Orthodontic treatment

For more severe malocclusion, irregularly positioned teeth, complex therapy may be needed. With invisible braces, the treatment itself can be carried out aesthetically. In more severe cases, fixed orthodontics using soft biological forces is recommended.
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Smile design

Aesthetic dental treatment requires thought and planning. The first step is always to assess the condition. The examination includes not only an assessment of the teeth, but also the characteristics of the smile, and a panoramic X-ray of the sub-surface. In the case of tooth deficiencies, a 3D CBCT scan may also be necessary for implant restorations.

Dental team

In many cases, the expertise of a single dentist is not sufficient for a complex smile restoration. In cases of crowding, an orthodontist may be needed in addition to the general dentist, and an implant specialist may be needed for tooth deficiencies.
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Whiter teeth

Nobody likes to smile with yellowish, greyish teeth, and whitening is a common solution. Aesthetic treatment can be as simple as whitening a single root canal-treated grey tooth, and laser teeth whitening is the answer. Cosmetic treatment is about whitening the whole set of teeth, combined with gum treatment.

Even whiter teeth

In many cases, the solution is to place porcelain veneers on the first 4 front teeth to cover the uglier teeth underneath. The dentist then matches the colour of the veneers to a whiter set of teeth previously whitened with peroxide bleaching.
There are a number of aesthetic treatment options available. Aesthetic dentistry gives you options from the natural structure of individual teeth, to smile design, to complete smile makeovers. Even a simple scaling can make a huge difference, while other times orthodontics, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and perhaps all areas of dentistry can be used together to achieve the desired goal of a more beautiful smile.

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How much do aesthetic dental treatments cost?

Aesthetic treatments is a generic term that covers a wide range of therapeutic options for you. Below we highlight just a few of the more common treatments. Your assessment will give you an exact answer!

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