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All on 4

Instead of removable dentures, you get the feeling of real teeth again. Here is the original Nobel Biocare All-on-4!

Complete tooth replacement without bone grafting, with 4 Nobel Biocare© titanium implants, fixed tooth replacement.
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All-on-4 implantation and dentures
It can be determined based on an implantology consultation and 3D CBCT analysis

50 years of evolving technology, minimal rejection chance

The technique of dental implantation is more than 50 years old and has been continuously improved, so today, with proper planning, careful execution and compliance with hygiene rules, the chances of dental implants rejecting are minimal. Budapest Dental Dentistry’s 15 years of experience also guarantee success. The All-on-4™ concept is one of the most cost-effective procedures for complete edentulism. Low surgical risk, no bone grafting, fast results. One week after surgery, you can chew with a fixed temporary prosthesis, and about 6 months later, a permanent porcelain prosthesis is ready.

Dental implantation with a specialist

If you are considering a dental implant, the first step is an assessment by a specialist dentist. In all cases, the examination is complemented by a 3-dimensional CBCT radiograph, where the implantologist takes the appropriate measurements.

A team of doctors working together

Planning a dental implantation means both planning the future tooth replacement and planning the implantation surgery. The two phases are two different specialties, so your surgical and treatment plan for your tooth replacement will be a close collaboration between two or more specialist dentists.

Dental implants

The All-on-4 surgical procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, painlessly, in a procedure lasting approximately 60-90 minutes.Four conventional-sized dental implants are placed in the bone at a special angle, as determined by the All-on-4 technology.

One week later with fixed teeth

On the day of surgery, an impression of the 4 implants is taken and the temporary denture is prepared in the dental laboratory. The temporary denture is fixed in place. During the healing period, you can chew with fixed teeth all the time!

Final dentures

Six months after implant surgery, the temporary denture is replaced with a permanent bridge. With a permanent denture, the bite and comfort are perfected, and the natural-looking appearance is ensured by the aesthetic porcelain teeth of the denture.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

The completed denture and the implants must be protected and cared for. Long-term success is achieved with Guided Biofilm Therapy, a maintenance treatment that our Recall service will recommend to you at the right time.

Fixed teeth instead of removable dentures. It is possible!

Nobel Biocare cutting-edge technology

The All-on-4™ technique is the brainchild of world-renowned implantologist Prof. Dr. Paulo Malo. The patent holder of All-on-4™, Nobel Biocare, is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology and a pioneer in innovative dental solutions. The technology offers the experience of real teeth instead of removable dentures.

No need for bone replacement!

The All-on-4 technique involves the insertion of 4 dental implants into the bone without bone grafting surgery. The implants are inserted in a special way and the surgery is preceded by a thorough 3D planning. The planning and measurements are carried out on 3D CBCT X-rays by Budapest Dental specialists.

Low surgical stress

All-on-4 surgical procedures have a much lower stress level than combined bone replacement surgery, and therefore pose a lower surgical risk, even in older patients. The implantation involves the surgical implantation of 4 titanium screws into the bone. A fixed temporary prosthesis is completed within 1 week after surgery.
Forget removable dentures!
The majority of patients with full dentures usually had their teeth removed years ago. After tooth extraction, the bone is essentially left unused, slowly but surely receding without vigorous chewing, and the denture needs to be replaced or repaired to prevent it from sagging.
Fortunately, Nobel Biocare, the leading implantology system for dental implants, offers an affordable solution for complete edentulism without the need for bone grafting surgery, and with a fixed prosthesis. The All-on-4™ technique is based on well-loaded dental implants, allowing the creation of a fixed denture.
When is All-on-4 dental implant dentures ideal for you?
  • If you no longer want removable dentures
  • If you do not want bone grafting and serious surgical risks
  • If you have severe gum disease that makes your teeth mobile, unsalvageable and you are averse to the idea of removable dentures
  • If you want a fixed prosthesis immediately after surgery
  • If you want to enjoy the experience of real, fixed teeth again
  • If the best solution to your problem is important to you
Why is All-on-4™ cutting-edge technology unique?
  • No bone replacement needed
  • Can also be a solution for people with few bones
  • Surgical procedure is less stressful than traditional bone replacement surgery with multiple implants
  • Less surgical risk
  • Based on 4 top-quality Nobel Biocare® dental implants
  • Fixed prosthesis can be fabricated immediately after surgery

“The simplest treatment for complete toothlessness is removable dentures. Fortunately, modern dentistry today offers an effective alternative if you want to experience real teeth instead of removable dentures. The All-on-4™ concept is one of the most cost-effective procedures for complete toothlessness. Low surgical risk, n

Dr. Miklós Némethy

Budapest Dental dentist, master of implantology

How much does All-on-4™ dentures cost?

In making such a decision, we need to consider not only the financial aspects but also the investment in quality of life. Instead of wobbly, glued-on dentures, here’s a technique that lets you experience real chewing every day again!

Choose All-on 4 technology instead of full removable dentures!

The modern alternative to removable dentures is a fully fixed, screw-retained prosthesis. With the implantation of 4 dental implants and a special fixed denture, this is possible and you can regain your natural chewing experience!
Tooth implantation is a routine operation. Come for a dental consultation!