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Frequently asked questions

Most of your questions will probably be answered by your dentist, so feel free to check in!

How much does the health check cost?

The current price of the health check package (oral examination + panoramic X-ray) is listed in the PRICES section. For returning patients, the check-up package is discounted!

What to take and fill in before the first health check?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your first health check appointment to complete the necessary paperwork. Before you are called by your dentist, you will be asked to fill in a general and dental health questionnaire, a GDPR data sheet and a COVID-19 epidemiological data sheet. You will also need to provide the name of your medication, your GP’s contact details and your social security number for EESZT data upload.


During the assessment, a digital panoramic X-ray will be taken and your dentist will examine the condition of your teeth, gums, jaw joints, bite, etc. They will discuss what treatments are needed, analyse the x-rays and intraoral scans.


At the end of the session, a treatment plan is made in most cases. In more complex cases, if a specialist consultation is needed, the treatment plan will be sent to you by e-mail a few days later.

What should I do in a COVID-19 outbreak?

The team at Budapest Dental will of course do everything possible to comply with the new health rules, so please partner with us in taking the necessary precautions. Below, you will find information on the rules that comply with the new health care procedures.


  • Patients can only be admitted after prior appointment by telephone.
  • We ask our Patients (and any accompanying persons) to wear a mask when entering the surgery, as this is compulsory in the surgery.
  • After checking in at the reception, our patients are required to have their temperature taken and then wash their hands with disinfectant after entry.
  • Patients are required to complete a coronavirus questionnaire as set out in the procedure before treatment to rule out suspected COVID-19
  • We ensure a distance of 2 m between our patients in the waiting room, we see fewer patients per unit of time
  • We kindly ask our Patients to come to us unaccompanied if possible!
  • Our doctors and assistants work in protective equipment
  • We carry out continuous cleaning with disinfectants

Does the treatment happen the first time?

If you need urgent dental care or pain relief, we will try to provide you with emergency care at the first appointment.


Otherwise, only diagnostic tests and a dental assessment will be carried out at the first appointment, and a treatment plan and quotation will be prepared. Based on the treatment plan, the next appointment can be well-planned and dental treatment can start. It is important that both you and the dentist are prepared to start the treatment, and that there are no unclear or vague details. It is important that you understand the details and the financial aspects of the treatment, so that your treatment plan includes an accurate quote. Treatment starts when you sign the Consent form.

When can I get an appointment for an urgent complaint?

All dentists in our clinic see patients on the basis of an appointment calendar. In most cases, we can make appointments for our patients the same day or within a few days. If you need an urgent procedure, we will try to find a suitable appointment for you as soon as possible!

What specialist doctors do they have?

Our clinic is staffed by dentists, conservative dentistry and prosthodontics specialists, implantologists, dento-alveolar oral surgeons and orthodontists. Root canal treatment can be carried out by a microscopic root canal specialist.

Are you open on weekends?

Our clinic is closed on weekends. Opening hours are on working days from 8.00 to 20.00.

If I send in my X-ray, will you make a treatment plan?

A treatment plan is only made after a personal assessment. A two-dimensional X-ray without an oral examination is a very wide margin for error, so it is not possible to make a responsible treatment plan. We would like to avoid a series of professional errors, disappointments and misunderstandings, thank you for your understanding!


If you have a panoramic X-ray that is less than 3 months old, please bring it to our office, in this case you will not have to pay for a new X-ray even if it is repeated in our office for a proper diagnosis.

When will I receive a treatment plan and in what form?

In most cases, a written dental treatment plan will be prepared immediately after the oral examination and dental assessment, and will be given to you in hard copy by your dentist.


In cases where a consultant opinion or a consultant examiner is required, the dental treatment plan will be sent to you by e-mail.


In both the first and especially the second case, we recommend that you come for a second free consultation to discuss the details and steps of the treatment plan with your dentist, when you can discuss any unclear questions with your doctor.

What documentation do I need to sign before treatment?

In our clinic, dental treatment can only be started with the patient’s consent, so a Declaration of Consent is required, which is subject to the General Terms and Conditions (GTC). As part of the General Conditions, you will also find the Guarantee Conditions.


We will create a personal password-protected MyBudapestDental account for each patient based on their email address. This is where the Patient’s X-rays and treatment plan will be sent. From the account, you can download the General Terms and Conditions, the Informed Consent form, as well as a number of information documents related to the treatment. The Informed Consent form is signed in the surgery, but you can download the legal documents well in advance of your treatment, giving you enough time to review the information and make a decision.

Does the Treatment Plan include prices?

Yes, the dental treatment plan also includes the price of each procedure and possible variations. This will give you an idea of the total cost of your dental treatment, and you can compare prices if you have several options.


The finalised treatment plan will be attached to your Informed Consent form, so you will know exactly the details and price of your treatment before you start. At Budapest Dental, there is no fine print, our aim is to build maximum trust and keep you informed!

Do I always go to the same dentist?

Usually, the doctor who carries out the assessment takes you through the whole course of treatment. In some cases, a specialist from another area may be asked to carry out a particular task (e.g. oral surgery, orthodontics, dental hygiene).


In the case of a complex dental treatment, your dentist may recommend that your treatment is carried out by another specialist who is best qualified in the area. The details of the choice of doctor will always be discussed when treatment starts. The primary consideration when choosing a dentist is to ensure that all procedures are carried out by the most competent specialist in the area, according to their capacity, so that you receive the highest quality of care.

I just need braces!

Again, we recommend that you first see a non-orthodontist for an assessment. A panoramic X-ray and oral examination are also necessary before orthodontic treatment.


If you make an appointment with an orthodontist within the system, the orthodontist who has carried out the assessment will not charge you extra for the orthodontic consultation.


If you do not wish to have a general dental check-up, you can choose to have an immediate orthodontic consultation or you can book an orthodontic treatment planning appointment straight away.

I just want to have my wisdom teeth removed!

Our oral surgeons work on a tight appointment basis, with preliminary assessment, diagnostic tests and analysis carried out by a general dentist. In many cases, in addition to the oral examination and panoramic X-ray, a 3DCBCT scan is required for wisdom tooth extraction.


Based on the diagnosis, a Treatment Plan will be drawn up and once approved, you will be able to make an appointment for oral surgery.

I just want a dental care package!

Nothing could be easier! You don’t need to see a dentist for a cosmetic dental treatment, as it is carried out by a dental hygienist! Please let our staff know at the time of your appointment if you would like cosmetic teeth whitening or a cosmetic oral hygiene package without a dental examination. In this case, our staff will refer you directly to one of our dental hygienists.

Can I pay with a health insurance card?

Yes, we have contracts with almost all Health Fund Providers. You can view our contracted health insurance partners under the PRICES menu.