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Cosmetic dental treatment package

Choose an effective and
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With a dental treatment package, in just one hour your teeth will be visibly whiter, your gums will breathe, your breath will be fresh and you will feel more confident in the company of family, friends or even business associates. Get the complete treatment package with teeth whitening for the perfect effect, and at a discounted price!

Cosmetic oral hygiene package with teeth whitening
55 500 Ft

Frequently asked questions about our cosmetic dentistry treatments

Find out all about our dental cosmetic treatment package!

Is the dental cosmetic package painless?

A cosmetic oral hygiene package is a pleasant, painless procedure that takes just an hour, leaving teeth visibly whiter and gums breathing a sigh of relief. And the fresh, pleasant breath makes you feel good.

My teeth are sensitive. Are you sure this whitening won't hurt?

The cosmetic treatment package includes peroxide-free tooth whitening, which effectively but gently whitens tooth enamel. The effect is not as long-lasting as peroxide medical whitening, but provides spectacular results for a few weeks or months, depending on dietary habits. This whitening treatment is painless and is also a proven treatment for sensitive patients.

I have never had teeth whitening. Should I start with this?

Yes, it’s worth starting with dental cosmetic treatment. The first step of the treatment is to heal the gums, the second step is to remove the discolouration, followed by gentle whitening. If you feel that your teeth are not sensitive and would like to try a more effective whitening treatment, you may want to enhance the effect with home or in-office peroxide whitening treatments.

I don't have to meet the dentist?

Dental cosmetic treatments are carried out by a clinical dental hygienist. No dental check-up is required before treatment! In case of dental problems, the dental hygienist will suggest an appointment with the dentist.

How long does the treatment last?

Ready in about an hour!


The dental cosmetic package is for the removal of normal amounts of tartar, where ultrasonic scaling can be performed in one dental session (maximum 20 minutes), on the entire mouth, i.e. both teeth. This is followed by salt polishing (approx. 10 minutes) and then teeth whitening in 3 x 8 minute sessions, where the effectiveness is enhanced by LED light illumination (approx. 30 minutes).

I have a lot of plaque, what should I do?

If there is too much plaque, there is a solution!


In this case, you should only request an ultrasonic scaling treatment for the first time and participate in our gum treatment programme.


Unfortunately, in case of extra plaque or severe gingivitis, the package offer does not apply, but there is a solution! After completing the gum treatment programme, the Teeth Whitening treatment can be done as a separate treatment!

How effective is the dental care package?

Peroxide-free teeth whitening is a mid-range treatment among teeth whitening procedures. Because everything from the largest build-ups to the smallest particles are removed from the tooth surfaces before treatment, the bleach is sure to work on the tooth surfaces! Its effectiveness can be enhanced by home or in-office peroxide bleaching.


Whitening, whether traditional or cosmetic, only works on the teeth. If there is tartar or other build-up on the teeth, the effectiveness of the whitening will be reduced. Therefore, for the most complete effect, teeth should be cleaned before whitening, and the most optimal way to do this is with an ultrasonic removal treatment, which is included in the dental cosmetic package.


It is the most commonly chosen whitening procedure because of its excellent price/performance ratio. It is much cheaper than peroxide whitening, yet the effects last for weeks or even months.

What if your gums bleed after a scaling treatment?

In some cases, if the gums have been inflamed, it is not recommended to whiten the teeth immediately after ultrasonic scaling. In this case, another appointment for bleaching should be made. Unfortunately, the package price does not apply in these cases.

How do I know I have tartar?

You may not have any tartar, in which case you should request a stand-alone whitening treatment instead of a cosmetic package.


But the fact is that 75% of patients who come to the practice for “only” teeth whitening treatment will always be diagnosed with some stage of gingivitis. For optimum effect and dental health in all these patients, dental scaling may be strongly recommended before whitening, so it is advisable to treat both treatments – whitening & scaling – in one package.

How to enhance the effect of the cosmetic package?

After a cosmetic teeth whitening treatment package, you will have firm, healthy gums and whiter teeth than ever before. The results achieved with in-office treatment can be enhanced with at-home teeth whitening treatment. Whitening at home is an effective whitening treatment on its own, but when combined with in-office whitening treatment, the results are even more complete.

Look in the mirror and smile at yourself with

Hairdressers and beauticians are no longer enough! If you want to look attractive, look after your smile and whiten your teeth! And do it while thinking about your health! Take advantage of our economical dental care package!

Choose the beautiful smile!

Many people are unsure which whitening method to choose. In the first instance, a dental cosmetic treatment package using a gentle whitening agent is the best choice, because if you still want to enhance the effect after that, it will only be worthwhile to seek a dental whitening treatment.

Make an appointment!

Our clinic is at your disposal from 8.00-20.00 on weekdays. Please make an appointment with our staff. The dental cosmetic treatment package does not require a dentist, x-rays or a dental assessment, but is carried out by our dental hygienists. The treatment takes approximately 60 minutes.

Choose your discount!

The dental package offer is now available with a 20% discount. Included services such as ultrasonic scaling, AirBrush salt polishing or peroxide-free teeth whitening are much more expensive separately than when purchased as a package.

Professional treatments, teeth whitening for a beautiful smile!

Ultrasonic plaque removal

Dental stones cause gum inflammation. During the inflammation, the height of the bone can slowly but gradually decrease, which can lead to tooth loss in the long term. The first step in cosmetic dentistry is ultrasonic plaque removal, which is performed using the latest painless machines.

AirBrush salt polishing

Discolouration build-up on tooth enamel prevents the whitener from reaching the enamel effectively. Whitening without polishing is therefore less effective, and it is easier to leave teeth with a yellowish tinge at the tooth neck. Gentle salt polishing whitens gently.

Peroxide-free teeth whitening

Patients who are more sensitive and fear dental discomfort are also welcome to opt for gentle peroxide-free whitening. Whitening takes 3×8 minutes and the bleaching agent is transmitted to the tooth enamel by LED light illumination. This bleaching is also gentle on the gums.
Ultrasonic plaque removal

The insidious plaque

Dental plaque problems occur 75% of the time in patients undergoing dental cosmetic treatment. Plaque is a big enemy: it can develop a devastating inflammation that breaks down the bone, the precious tissue of the tooth socket. If you get rid of them every six months, your teeth can serve you for a lifetime! It’s a small procedure, but it’s a huge help to your tooth socket.
Natural whitening effect

Air Brush: a kíméletes sópolír

An essential part of dental cosmetics, the refreshing massaging sensation of salt polishing is surprisingly pleasant. The fine salt removes discolouration from even the tightest spaces between teeth, has a natural whitening effect and gives a fresh breath. It is an excellent pre-treatment for any whitening procedure, increasing its effectiveness.
Cosmetic teeth whitening – without peroxide

Whiter smile, even for months, without sensitivity!

Whitening is effective only after the tooth enamel has been prepared (no plaque, build-up or discolouration). The gel is applied to the teeth and illuminated with a special lamp for 3 x 8 minutes, which activates the whitening agent.

Peroxide-free whitening is the gentlest whitening procedure, with no tooth sensitivity during and after treatment (avoid eating excessively coloured foods for 1-2 days for long-lasting results).

Even in a seemingly simple intervention, there is a lot of room for error. It is no coincidence that many patients come to our clinic after hugely discounted, but not so efficient promotions. A dental cosmetic treatment package is a guarantee of success if the basic conditions are right.

Szilvia Szőke

Dental hygienist

How much is the dental cosmetic treatment

Is a white smile and fresh breath important? If you’re going on a date, to a wedding or to a business meeting, get your smile ready too! Choose our discounted dental care package!

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