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Dental prostheses

The loss of just one tooth can affect the whole tooth structure. Missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible!

Some people think that if a tooth is missing in the back, no one will see it, it’s not important. This thinking is a huge mistake! The absence of a tooth triggers a myriad of adverse consequences and affects the entire set of teeth. Tooth replacement is important!
Metal ceramic crown or bridge member

59 900 Ft

Zirconium porcelain crown or bridge member
84 900 Ft
IPS e.max Ivoclar full porcelain crown

42 000 Ft-tól


Safe dentures for you: step by step

A perfect prosthesis, both aesthetically and functionally, may require the expertise of several dental specialists. Budapest Dental works together as a team. The modern facilities of our practice support us in giving you the best of our knowledge.

Dental prosthesis planning

Whether you’re missing one tooth, several teeth or all of them, you need a tooth replacement as soon as possible. The condition assessment will give you the answers to get started, with a treatment plan summarising alternative treatment suggestions for tooth replacement.

Gum treatments

Gum health is like the foundation of a house. You can’t start a tooth replacement or dental implant procedure if your gums are inflamed or bleeding. The state-of-the-art gum treatment concept, Guided Biofilm Therapy, helps keep your teeth for life!

Oral surgery treatments

If gum treatment cannot help the tooth, it is often better to make a safe decision and go to an oral surgeon. Our team of dentists includes a prosthodontist, oral surgeon and implantologist who work together to guide you along the way.

Dental implants

The most natural method of replacing missing teeth is tooth implantation, because in this case it is not necessary to grind down the teeth bordering the missing tooth, the lost tooth can be replaced aesthetically one by one.

Zirconium tooth replacement

Whether you want a traditional bridge or a dental implant bonded or screw-retained restoration, there are two alternatives: metal-ceramic or zirconium ceramic. Although zirconium crowns are more expensive, they are a premium solution for tooth replacement therapy.

Follow up

Dentures need special cleaning, and it is important to follow the doctor’s instructions. Annual check-ups are recommended, and if you keep to them, your dentures can serve you for years, even decades. We can help you with our recall system!

Practical solutions to replace missing teeth

Zirconium crown

The traditional method of tooth replacement is a bridge. We recommend this solution if the missing tooth cannot be replaced by any other method, in particular by tooth implantation for some reason. Zirconium crowns are a natural, white, metal-free material, made in our practice to a premium aesthetic quality.

Dental implants

If your dentition and bone are suitable, it is best to have a tooth replacement with dental implants. During a pre-treatment assessment, we will then take a 3-D CBCT scan to clearly visualise the bone structure supporting the missing tooth, so we can plan the implant placement accurately and safely.

Fixed full dentures

Many people come to the practice with gum disease. Some of these can be helped with gum treatments, but often the teeth are beyond repair. Complete edentulism is a big change, but there is a solution! Fixed dentures, or All-on-4, are types of fixed dentures that can be used in cases of complete edentulism.
CAD-CAM technology

Ultra-precise durability

The durability of a dental restoration has two basic requirements: firstly, that the dentist and dental technician work in the most precise way and use ultra-precise technology. This is the CAD-CAM method, where the prosthesis is designed and fabricated with computer precision, so that the crown tooth is fully protected and covered without gaps.

In strict order

The other pillar is you and your brushing and hygiene habits. Take regular care of your dentures as recommended, always be strict with yourself and come in for your annual check-up.
For gingival atrophy

Save what can be saved

Teeth that have become loose during gum disease can often be stabilised by gum treatment. Laser treatments, Guided Biofilm Therapy Less Pain ultrasound technology or periodontal curettage can help stop bone decay and save teeth.

Let go of what isn't

An experienced dentist won’t steer you into a precarious situation. Many times you have to make a difficult decision and let go of teeth that cannot be saved. The horror of being edentulous or having removable dentures scares many people away. But there is a solution: tooth implantation, bone grafting or the All-on-4 technique.

Dental implantation, All-on-4 technique

Fogimplantáció csontpótlással

If you have recently had a tooth extraction, you will know that the optimal time to get a tooth implant is six months to a year. If you wait too long, the bone will continue to decay during the absence. If you have had a tooth extraction a long time ago and the bone has already thinned, in many cases tooth implantation can only be done with a combined operation with bone grafting.

To replace or avoid the need for a removable denture in cases of complete edentulism, we recommend the All-on-4 dental implant prosthesis, which involves the implantation of 4 implants and a special, fully fixed denture to restore the natural chewing experience.

Zirconium ceramic crown
Zirconium is a completely metal-free white, very solid material. Zirconium is an excellent option for modern aesthetic dentistry to provide patients with truly aesthetic, natural-looking restorations and crowns that resemble the original tooth enamel. Perfectly suited for correcting tooth irregularities in shape and colour, and for replacing missing teeth. The most preferred tooth replacement in the smile zone at Budapest Dental Dentistry!
Metal ceramic crown
Traditional can be beautiful! Metal-ceramic, although part of the classic dental palette, has never lost its popularity. This is partly due to the fact that it is now made with much more advanced technology and is therefore much more beautiful, but also because it is available at an unbeatable price for patients. When it comes to replacing missing back teeth, the most preferred type of tooth replacement at Budapest Dental Dentistry!
Temporary dentures
Most patients take advantage of the option of temporary dentures, as no one wants to be seen with ugly teeth while the permanent restoration is being prepared. In most cases, a temporary denture made of plastic, which can be prepared immediately in the dental practice, is a reassuring solution, as it means that you don’t have to spend a minute without teeth. In some cases, a dental technician may be needed, but even then, the maximum lead time is 1-2 working days.
“When a molar tooth is lost, the bone in its place starts to decay, the adjacent teeth fall in, the opposing tooth protrudes and the jaw joint becomes sensitive. The body is intelligent, it compensates for a while. I am a master of dentures, I know what I am talking about. Teeth must be replaced as soon as possible! “

Dr. Miklós Némethy

Specialist in conservative dentistry and prosthodontics

How much do aesthetic dentures cost?

Prosthodontics is an umbrella term that offers you a wide range of therapeutic options. Below we highlight just a few common treatments. You will get a precise answer after your assessment!

Fixed, stable teeth instead of full removable dentures? It is possible!

The modern alternative to removable dentures is a fully fixed, screw-retained prosthesis. With the implantation of 4 dental implants and a special fixed denture, this is possible and you can regain your natural chewing experience!
Tooth gaps need to be filled. Come for a dental consultation!