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A durable and stable solution instead of
shifting dentures, without adhesive, with mini implants!

Mini implants are a simple way to fix removable dentures. It is the most commonly chosen procedure for our older patients. After the mini implants are placed, the loose denture sits securely in the mouth without adhesive and does not move when eating or speaking. Ask for a consultation with Dr. Miklós Némethy, Senior Specialist!
Dental assessment package

84 900 Ft

Mini implant for complete removable dentures

32 750 Ft

Premium dentures for mini implants per jawbone
59 900 Ft

30 years of evolving technology, minimal chances of rejection

The technique of mini dental implant placement is more than 30 years old and has been continuously improved, so today, with proper planning, careful execution and adherence to hygiene rules, the chance of rejection of mini dental implants is minimal. Budapest Dental Dentistry’s 15 years of experience also guarantee success.

Dental implantation with a specialist

If you are considering a dental implant, the first step is an assessment by a specialist dentist. In all cases, the examination is complemented by a 3-dimensional CBCT radiograph, where the implantologist takes the appropriate measurements.

A team of doctors working together

Planning a dental implantation means both planning the future denture and planning the implantation surgery. The two phases are two different specialties, so your surgical and prosthetic treatment plan will be a close collaboration between two or more specialist dentists.

Mini implant surgery

The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, completely painless, using a simple surgical technique that does not pose any major risks for older patients. It takes about 60 minutes. Usually 2 or 4 mini dental implants are placed.

Temporary dentures in 2 weeks

Mini implants are generally easier to place than traditional dental implant surgery, so they take less time to heal. After the surgery, the denture is ready in up to 2 weeks and the implants can be connected within 2-3 months

Final dentures

2-3 months after surgery, the mini implant screws are securely fixed in the bone. The dentist creates small cavities on the inner surface of the denture, into which special rings are placed. The ball head of the implant sinks into these and fixes the denture like a patent.

Finally, chewing is a good experience

The denture, which can be designed for mini implants, is firmly fixed in the mouth. No wobbling, no falling out, completely fixed. No adhesive is required to secure the fixed denture, so it is completely secure. You can eat comfortably with the denture and chew much more than with a removable denture!

Low surgical stress

The mini implant denture is designed for the special needs of older patients. The mini titanium screws can be implanted using a simple surgical technique, even without flap preparation, and the surgery is painless, typically taking only about 60 minutes. After a successful operation, the recovery is extremely fast.

Also for old dentures

If the design of the full removable denture you are currently using is suitable, you do not need a new denture. In many cases, the denture you are currently using can be adapted. After the mini implants have been placed, special rubber rings are made in the old denture, which allow the denture to be snapped back into place.
Also for thin bones and osteoporosis
Mini dental implants have a very small diameter, so they can be used in thin, atrophied bone with a high chance of success. This was the idea behind the development of the mini dental implants, to allow the implantation of dental implants in patients whose jawbone has been significantly destroyed or thinned due to old age or premature tooth extraction.
A definitive diagnosis of implantability is made by the doctor on the basis of a 3-dimensional CBCT radiograph. For best results, 4 to 4 mini implants are required in the mandible and maxilla.
Removable when cleaning, fixed when eating
Mini dental implants are used to fix the removable denture. The denture remains removable, but can be snapped onto the ball heads of the mini implants when placed in the mouth. Think of them as little pins, the denture can be attached to these ‘pins’ so that it remains stable and free from movement when eating and speaking.
The removable denture therefore remains removable, but remains firmly fixed in the mouth, only needing to be removed for cleaning and then immediately replaced. No more denture adhesive is required.
What are the alternatives to mini implant dentures?

The mini implant removable denture is designed to treat older patients with thin bone.

  • If the bone is extremely thin, it may not be possible to place a mini implant, in which case a full removable prosthesis can be made without the need for traditional dental implants

  • However, if the bone is thicker, an All-on-4 restoration can be made after placing 4 conventional-sized dental implants at specific angles. In this case, a fully fixed (i.e. non-removable) porcelain denture can be fabricated, giving the wearer back the natural chewing experience.
“Complete toothlessness causes difficulties for many elderly patients. The denture moves, falls out, breaks the gum. Mini dental implants are used to fix removable dentures. The denture remains removable, but can be snapped onto the mini implants to keep it stable and free from movement when eating and speaking. “

Dr. Miklós Némethy

Conservative dentistry and prosthodontics / Master of Implantology

How much do mini implantable dentures cost?

In making such a decision, the investment in quality of life must be weighed up alongside the financial aspects. Instead of removable, adhesive dentures, here’s a technique that makes chewing easier, speaking better and socialising more enjoyable.

Retired patient's report on mini implant tooth replacement

“My teeth were bad under the old bridge. I decided to go for the mini implant denture. It was worth it! I feel a little younger too! “
Tooth implantation is a routine operation. Come for a dental consultation!