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Dr. Barbara Pém
Dr. Barbara Pém

Dr. Barbara Pém

I am satisfied with the results

"I worked for many years as an orthodontist in Belgium, where I was introduced to self-ligating, soft-force appliances and invisible orthodontics, in addition to traditional orthodontic techniques. Both I and my patients are satisfied with the results achieved, and I have been able to achieve a number of significant aesthetic results with orthodontic treatments. "
Dr. Barbara Pém

Focus on the smile

Dental degree: 2010

Dr. Barbara Pém graduated with honours from Semmelweis University in Budapest and immediately chose orthodontics as her speciality.She graduated as an orthodontist in 2013 and then worked in a specialist practice in Belgium for 4 years, where she gained a wealth of experience in orthodontics.

She is a precise, experienced specialist who is not satisfied with her experience at the chair, but regularly trains herself in the science of orthodontics.

Dr. Barbara Pém

Bring your child on time!

Dr. Pém is a strong advocate of preventive orthodontics, as the signs of a later dental abnormality can be detected at a young age. By starting treatment early, even a simple removable appliance can prevent problems later on.

In childhood, the growth of the jawbones can also be influenced, and a more harmonious facial profile and better bite relationships can be achieved. If early opportunities are not exploited, adult orthodontics often has to compromise. 

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