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Dr. Ferenc Gszelman

Dental implantation success rate up to 98%

“I joined the Budapest Dental team in 2013. My main job is at the Oral Surgery Department of the Honvéd Hospital. At Budapest Dental I have an excellent technical background. I do a lot of tooth implant surgery, bone grafting, sinus lift surgery and my success rate is extremely high. The management of the practice takes the time to gather patient feedback and I am very pleased that they are satisfied with my work. “

98% success rate in tooth implantation

Diploma in dentistry: 2009

Dr. Ferenc Gszelman graduated with honours from Semmelweis University and obtained his Dento-alveolar degree in 2013, since then he has performed thousands of dental implants, many of them combined with bone grafting.
He is highly skilled, precise and empathetic. His experience and practical approach are outstanding, he works cleanly, precisely and painlessly. The success rate of dental implants at Budapest Dental is around 97%.

Bone grafting with or without titanium net

Dr. Gszelman introduced titanium net bone grafting at Budapest Dental in 2017. In many cases, this surgical technique can be used to form thicker bone in a thin site, making tooth replacement feasible.

During the two-hour surgery, a mixture of the patient’s own bone and artificial bone is implanted into the surgical site and the titanium net is secured with tiny screws. After 6-9 months, the titanium net is removed and the tooth can be implanted.

Szandra-Balogh Szellő

Dental hygienist

Dr. Kinga Máriaföldy

Dentist, aesthetic dentistry

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Dental hygienist

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Conservative dentistry and prosthodontics / Master of Implantology

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Dr. Ferenc Gszelman

Dento-alveolar oral surgeon

Dr. Zoltán Nagy

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