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Dr. Judit Déry

Dentistry without anxiety

It is important for me that the treatment takes place in a pleasant atmosphere, as healing can only be done in a relaxed, tension-free environment. I believe that patients can only be helped in mutual trust and in a good atmosphere. I see many patients with anxiety and fear. I am happy to say that despite a difficult start, after a few sessions everyone sits in the chair with much more confidence and most of them show up for their annual check-ups with confidence.

Experienced senior dentist

Diploma in dentistry: 2009

Dr. Judit Déry, graduated with honours from Semmelweis University, her father is also a dentist, so the profession is in her blood.

Microscopic root canal treatment

The introduction of the microscope to dentistry has opened up new horizons for Dr Déry. It is a challenge, but also a joy, that many more teeth can be saved or preserved in the long term with the microscope.

Fear can be cured with love

Satisfied patients

Dr. Judit Déry is not only an experienced dentist, but her kind and practical approach has made her a trusted partner for many patients. It is a pleasure for her when a satisfied, confident patient leaves the practice as a result of her precise work and is happy to return to her later.

It's easier when you work as a team

If the task is more complex, at Budapest Dental you can achieve even more confident and better results by working with colleagues and drawing on other professions.

Szandra-Balogh Szellő

Dental hygienist

Dr. Kinga Máriaföldy

Dentist, aesthetic dentistry

Dr. Barbara Pém


Szilvia Szőke

Dental hygienist

Dr. Miklós Némethy

Conservative dentistry and prosthodontics / Master of Implantology

Dr. Rita Pattogató

Specialist in conservative dentistry and prosthodontics

Dr. Ferenc Gszelman

Dento-alveolar oral surgeon

Dr. Zoltán Nagy

Dento-alveolar oral surgeon

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