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Dr. Patrícia Nagy
Dr. Patrícia Nagy

Dr. Patrícia Nagy

I want to restore the true value of a smile!

"I often find that the history of a neglected dentition is a disturbing dental memory, a tooth that has been filled without anaesthesia or a baby tooth that has been badly extracted. The toddler then grows up, but the adult carries the unpleasant memory on. I always strive to change the attitude towards dental treatment. I want my patients to feel the beauty of teeth and the true value of a smile."
Dr. Patrícia Nagy

Aesthetic dentistry

Dental degree: 2015

Dr. Patrícia Nagy graduated with honours from the University of Dentistry, Debrecen. She is a skilful, precise dentist who joined Budapest Dental Dentistry in 2017. She is a precise and precise dentist, who has been practicing since 2017.

Only naturally

Dr. Nagy is dedicated to restoring teeth damaged by caries or accident to their original function and natural state. She uses primarily metal-free dental techniques.

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