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Dr. Rita Pattogató
Dr. Rita Pattogató

Dr. Rita Pattogató

Teeth are precious treasures

"My husband and I founded Budapest Dental in 2005. I can say with confidence that we have succeeded in creating a modern and well-equipped practice that retains its family atmosphere, where there is no assembly line, where we work every day to ensure that our patients can keep their teeth healthy for life. Because teeth, smiles, chewing and health are precious and we treat them accordingly. "
Dr. Rita Pattogató

Caring for a beautiful smile

Diploma in dentistry: 1997

Dr. Rita Pattogató, founded Budapest Dental Dentistry with her husband in 2005. The dream was achieved, today Budapest Dental is a modern, family dental clinic with an excellent team of professionals.

The secret of a good practice

Being a dentist is a challenge: keeping up with technology, keeping patients happy and raising the spirits of the team. Dr. Pattogató is the heart of the team, her secret is her love of her profession.

Dr. Rita Pattogató

The joy of healing, giving security

Healing is the practice of loving

According to the doctor, it is not enough for a dentist to be meticulous. A woman's softness is a treasure here in the world of dentistry! Tooth enamel is the hardest human organ! Does anyone believe that a hard diamond drill can be enough to cure? In a profession like this, where the patient is often in distress, where the tooth is capable of no sensation other than pain, empathy and kindness are essential. This is what gives you security, healing and the chance to keep your teeth and smile for a lifetime!

Microscopic root canal treatment

"I really like to see what I'm doing!" The doctor has been doing microscopic treatments since 2019. With a microscope capable of up to 10x magnification, she is more successful in treating teeth.

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