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Would you like healthy and good teeth?

We'll help you get your teeth and smile in a condition that you only need to think about your dentist at your annual check-up

Let’s start with a check-up!

You are in the right place, let’s take action! The first step to healthy teeth is a dental check-up. We encourage you to visit us with your problem as soon as you can, so we have as many options as possible. An oral examination, digital x-rays and a discussion awaits you.

Would you save what you can? We too!


If your tooth has become sensitive, chipped, greyed or sore, it’s probably due to dental decay. No matter how much you want to smile, you can’t do it without teeth! We can help you with the most modern methods of tooth decay treatment even in the most acute situations.

Root canal treatment? Would you like a truly competent professional?

If the diagnosis is not thorough enough, you can easily run unnecessary laps with your tooth problem! If the root canal treatment is not thorough enough, you can end up with a tooth extraction… a root canal treatment is a last-ditch attempt to save your tooth. All you have to do is come along, and if you decide so, we’ll offer you our expertise!

Do you need a good oral surgeon? We can do more!

Getting rid of a bad tooth can take its toll mentally and physically. The mental side can be eased if you close this chapter having done all you can to save the tooth beforehand. If the tooth cannot be saved, the surgery should be performed by a highly trained and skilled oral surgeon. You can be sure of that with us!

“I want a permanent dental prosthesis, but I’m afraid of dental implants!”

When aversion to dental implants emerges, it’s good to know that after tooth extraction the bone atrophies, and the chances of implantation are reduced by the years. The teeth tilt, the bite changes, lisp appears and the chewing becomes one-sided… If you’ve already faced these issues, then for that reason you should consider implantation, if you haven’t, then to prevent them. Tooth implantation has a 98% success rate! If you would like to find out what is the optimal solution for you, our team of professionals will be happy to help you.

Would you like to avoid receding gums? Here is the solution!

Bleeding gums, discolouration, tartar, bad breath, loose teeth – these can all be predictive or characteristic of gum problems. The twist is that these serious gum problems, which eventually lead to premature tooth loss, are relatively easy to remedy for a while. Again, the key is a good professional and regularity.

Is it time for whiter teeth?

Teeth can be whitened, everyone knows that. Whether someone wants a more intensive treatment once a year, or prefers a more subtle method, or might want to combine dental cosmetics with gum treatment, is up to them. In all cases, we will offer you effective, gentle and tooth-safe whitening procedures.      

Missing, chipped or unsightly? Would you take action now for a better smile? Maybe there’s something wrong with your old crown?

The adhesive under old crowns can loosen over time. Sometimes the gum might recede. Or for some reason the crown no longer seals properly, you can feel it clicking and it’s sensitive. Or maybe you don’t feel anything, it’s just unsightly, chipped and you need to do something about it. Modern dentistry rarely uses metal anymore. Porcelain and zirconium provide naturalistic solutions. If you want an excellent and long-lasting aesthetic tooth replacement, ask about your options!