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If you are looking for expertise, real knowledge and long-term successful treatments, you have come to the right place!

We perform treatments in the human body, on teeth. The medical profession is a profession of high responsibility, and we guarantee the knowledge and precision of our highly qualified dentists. Teeth are biological tissues, and their owner is responsible for their condition and maintenance. Long-term success can only be achieved by working together! Of course, we guarantee all restorations and dental work, but we also help you to understand how your dental health can be maintained in the long term. We encourage you to look for a dental practice that offers real expertise and partnership, not just sound promises!

We offer you long-term experience, fresh professional knowledge, thoughtful treatments, professional technological background and partnership!

Dr. Rita Pattogat and Dr. Miklós Némethy

The founders of Budapest Dental

“We are the managers of Budapest Dental Dentistry, Dr. Rita Pattogató and Dr. Miklós Némethy. The practice was founded in 2005. Besides being a doctor-director, we are constantly working beside the chair, our first vocation remains dentistry. Many dental practices in Budapest are not run by dentists, but by a team with a primarily economic focus. Budapest Dental is almost unique in this respect, as it is run by highly qualified and experienced dentists. This medical focus is a key responsibility for us and a guarantee for you.”

Transparency and guarantee

Transparency is guaranteed. Our written quotation includes the price of the procedure you choose, the guarantee period and the conditions of the treatments carried out in a precise and clear manner. In case of queries, the second consultation is always free of charge! 

Qualified raw materials

The cake will be good if you don’t cut corners. It’s no different in dentistry. The dental materials we use come only from certified sources, allowing us to perform durable and precise procedures.

Digital diagnostics

A reliable diagnosis is the basis for a long-lasting, safe and long-term dental treatment, as this is the basis of the treatment plan. In our practice, our doctors have access to the latest digital diagnostic equipment.

Dental team work

Implementing a dental treatment plan requires a lot of experience. At Budapest Dental, knowledge is combined. In case of complex problems, the treatment plan is drawn up jointly by the dentist and the professional management, if necessary with the help of our specialists.

Long-term partnership

Long-term success depends on our cooperation. Returning patients receive a discount on dental check-ups and X-rays. We provide oral hygiene education services. We will inform you in time about the time of the necessary check-up!

Modern technology

Your dental partner’s work is precise and accurate. He represents the highest technological standards available today, such as laser scanning or CAD-CAM technology. The use of quality raw materials is also a condition for our cooperation.