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Guided biofilm therapy

Guided biofilm therapy - Budapest Dental Fogászat

The modern concept of plaque removal, Guided Biofilm Therapy can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime!

More and more patients are thinking about prevention and are asking their dentist not only to remove their existing tartar, but also to recommend a treatment to prevent tartar build-up.
PREMIUM Oral Hygiene package Guided Biofilm Therapy
32 750 Ft
42 500 Ft

Guided Biofilm Therapy based on the latest science

Ultra-modern technology for healthy teeth. Guided Biofilm Therapy is a complex preventive approach based on the latest science. The therapy offers the possibility of long-term preservation of teeth and implants. It is the most comfortable treatment method among all gum therapies, according to patients' opinions.

Szilvia Szőke

Dental hygienist


100% science

The concept of biofilm therapy is based on the latest scientific findings (P. Axelsson and J. Lindhe. The Original AIR-FLOW®). In a study at the University Dental Clinics of Nicolae Testemisanu, the Air-Flow system achieved 100% plaque-free results compared to only 86% with traditional polishing brushes.

Maximum protection

Air-Flow systems have been used for many years to whiten discoloured teeth, and recent research has also given them a role in the professional removal of dental biofilm. Treatment with Erythriol-clorhexidine removes organic biofilm sensitively without damaging tooth enamel or gums.

Less PAIN technology

Based on patient feedback, the EMS Less PAIN ultrasonic system is the best and most gentle scaling system and is the first choice. The treatment is comfortable and takes much less time than traditional ultrasonic treatments.

What is biofilm?

Can lead to gingivitis, tooth decay

A biofilm is a group of bacteria embedded in a thin film that adheres permanently to the tooth surface. Biofilm can adhere to teeth, dentures, implants. If good oral hygiene is maintained, it is not a problem, but if the balance is upset, the biofilm can become organic and lead to gingivitis and caries.

Destruction of periodontal tissues

While plaque in the areas above the gums is visible even to the patient, the organic biofilm in the areas below the gums is not. This is the layer most responsible for gingivitis and the destruction of periodontal tissues.

Why remove dental biofilm?

Mouthwash does not work under the gums!

Bacteria multiply in the biofilm that is not removed. Bacteria organise colonies, bacteria co-operate in an organised way. While the bacteria near the surface are affected by disinfectant mouthwash, the deeper colonies are not!

Why does inflammation develop?

Bacterial colonies produce aggressive toxins that contribute to inflammation and, if persistent, to periodontal disease. Bone begins to decay insidiously, forming gum pockets.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

Healthy gums for a lifetime

The system uses a mixture of high-pressure air, water and particles of different compositions. The EMS technology, which combines erythriol particles with clorhexidine, gives excellent results in both the treatment of the gum and sub-gum areas.

We like it painless

Nobody likes pain, and the more sensitive patients can hardly tolerate it. In response to this, EMS has developed the LESS PAIN ultrasonic device, which makes treatment fast, much less painful or even painless. It is comfortable and very effective.

In these dental areas we recommend Guided Biofilm Therapy!

In our clinic, doctors from several dental specialties work together. EMS LESS PAIN ultrasonic treatment is not only a help for people with gum problems, but also an additional treatment for tooth implantation, tooth replacement or orthodontic treatment.
Health check

The first and most important step in choosing the right therapy is to assess the condition. An oral examination and panoramic X-ray will help diagnose the problem, and a treatment plan will give you the answers on where to start and which treatment to choose.


More and more, conscious patients who regularly visit the dentist have decided to take control of their destiny and maintain their dental health for life. Guided Biofilm Therapy is the best way to prevent plaque build-up and gum disease.

Education at home

Education is an important element of Guided Biofilm Therapy. By staining the Biofilm, the patient can make visual observations about the quality of their own brushing and have the opportunity to correct these in the most effective way possible.

Against tooth decay

Bacterial colonies in the biofilm can cause tooth decay by adhering to the tooth surface. Regular removal of the biofilm and the education that comes with staining the biofilm is an opportunity to prevent tooth decay for life!

Dental implant preservation

Biofilm also targets dental implants, which require special home and professional dental office cleaning. Guided Biofilm Therapy is a powerful option for the long-term preservation of implanted dental implants.

Management of orthodontics

By the end of 1-2 years of orthodontic treatment, many patients have whitish, yellowish stains on the gums and gingivitis is very common during treatment. Discoloration and gingivitis can be prevented by regular removal of the biofilm.

How much does Guided Biofilm Therapy cost with EMS LESS PAIN ultrasound technology?
Based on patient feedback, Guided Biofilm Therapy is the gum treatment technique of choice, as it is not only painless, but comfortable and the most effective gum treatment available today.

PREMIUM Oral Hygiene package Guided Biofilm Therapy

32 750 Ft
42 500 Ft
Premium gum treatment

Ultrasonic scaling

Guided Biofilm Therapy

Professional brushing with instruction

Learn about the concept of Guided Biofilm Therapy!
Take control of the health of your gums and teeth! Be aware and check the effectiveness of your brushing every six months. Get rid of the organic biofilm that causes gingivitis and tooth decay in a professional way!

Choose healthy gums and teeth!

Patients choose Guided Biofilm Therapy as their first choice!
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