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You’ve come to the right place, take action! The first step to healthy teeth is a dental check-up. We encourage you to come in with your problem as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get worse and there are more options for resolution. An oral examination, panoramic x-rays and discussion. This is waiting for you.


Frequently asked questions

Find out everything about arrival, oral examination, diagnostics!

How can I make my first dental check-up?

You can register by filling in the on-line form. Make an appointment now! Or, feel free to call us at +36 (1) 315 4545. Please let us know which area of dentistry you are most interested in, and we will refer you to the dentist who is best suited to your needs!

Can I ask for treatment at the first visit?

If you have an urgent dental complaint or pain, your doctor will of course help you with the necessary treatment at the first appointment.


Otherwise, however, we do not recommend it, as the length of treatment is unpredictable.


The entire team at Budapest Dental Dentistry puts success, peace of mind and safety first, for our patients and for ourselves, as this is the basis of true healing. But success must be built on a foundation of trust.  In “Will there be a treatment at the first visit?” tab, you will find more information on why you should only ask for a dental assessment at the first visit and how this will influence successful treatment.

What documentation should I expect to see during a health check?

You will be asked to fill in several forms during the first health check. Therefore, it is important that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment to avoid taking up valuable treatment time.

I only want an X-ray / 3D CBCT. Is it possible?

Of course. Many referring doctors ask us for an X-ray or a CBCT scan. In this case we do not do an initial assessment, we just take the scan.

Will there be treatment at the first visit?

We believe, and our experience confirms, that it is worth coming for a dental assessment first, where treatment is not yet being carried out, to ensure the success of the treatment. The length of a treatment and how it will be carried out cannot be predicted without a preliminary assessment, so it is not possible to predict whether your treatment will take half an hour, an hour or two hours, which causes stress for you and your doctor and upsets the order of the appointment calendar. And what causes tension is usually difficult to achieve success. But success is in our common interest, so let’s strive for it!

The success of a treatment also depends to a large extent on your awareness of what will happen during the treatment and how much it will cost. That’s why the initial assessment will also help, as you will receive a written treatment plan and quotation after diagnosis, and if you have any further questions about treatment or prices, you can ask your dentist. It is very important to us that all our patients are fully informed about the treatment options, the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment chosen and the prices. That is why a second consultation with your dentist, if necessary, is free of charge!

It makes no difference whether you are immediately under the care of a dentist you have never seen before, or whether you already have an impression of the dentist and have built up some trust during your first appointment. You save yourself and the dentist a lot of stress and anxiety if you have some contact before the treatment starts. 

Our first appointment is not just about making a diagnosis and setting up a treatment plan, but also about building a rapport between you and the dentist, making it easier for you to start treatment later. It is worth taking the time to create the peace of mind and security that is essential for successful treatment. This success and security is based on the initial assessment.

I have an urgent complaint, what should I do?

If you have pain or an urgent dental problem, please let our colleagues know when you check in. We will try to arrange an appointment for you for emergency treatment within one working day, depending on the full complement of appointments, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this.


For example, we are also busier in the run-up to the holidays and our specialist doctors are full weeks in advance, so we cannot always offer you an immediate appointment.


But please feel free to call us, we will do our best! You can also apply by filling in our online form.

I would also bring an X-ray. So I don't have to pay for that with you?

If you have a good quality panoramic X-ray taken no more than 3 months ago and you have not had any treatment in your mouth since it was taken, our doctors will most likely be able to use it for an initial diagnostic assessment. In this case you will not pay a First Health Check package price, but only a separate consultation fee. 

In order to further clarify certain dental diseases, you may need an intraoral X-ray or, for example, a 3-D CBCT scan when planning a root canal or a dental implant.

When will I receive the treatment plan and what does it contain?

In most cases, you will receive a printed copy of the treatment plan immediately after your first dental assessment, or it will be sent digitally to your personal MyBudapestDental account, where you can download it and the necessary legal documentation at any time.


In some cases, where the treatment is more complex and requires the involvement of a specialist doctor, the treatment plan may take a few days to develop, as doctors need to be consulted. In this case, you will receive the documentation in digital format in your personal MyBudapestDental account.

If you have any questions after reading through the treatment plan, please book your 2nd consultation, which is free of charge.


The treatment plan will always include the price of the treatment. If there are several options, you can choose the price of each of these options, in consultation with your dentist, and choose the one that is most advantageous for you in terms of price, advantages and disadvantages.

Steps of the first dental health check

We have doctors from several dental specialties working together as a team. The modern equipment in our practice helps us to give you the best of our knowledge. The first step is yours! Choose quality dental services!

Get informed!

Many people are unsure how to start dealing with a dental problem. You may have questions before you come in. We encourage you to feel free to contact us by phone or email. You can find our contact details on the Contact page.

Make an appointment!

Our clinic is at your disposal from 8.00-20.00 on weekdays. Please make an appointment with our staff. In case of an urgent problem, we will try to help you as soon as possible, depending on our capacity.

Strict hygiene rules

The new health rules will be respected. We ask you to clean with constant disinfectant, take non-contact temperature readings and wash your hands with disinfectant. To ensure safety, we see a small number of patients at any given time.

Mouth examination and diagnosis

The oral examination is painless. No scratching, no prying. A digital panoramic x-ray is taken to get an accurate picture of the condition of the teeth in the bone. In case of tooth implantation, we take a 3-dimensional CBCT scan.

Treatment plan and quotation

On the basis of gathered information, we will inform you about the options. A treatment plan and quotation will be provided in writing, there are no hidden costs. For complex treatments, if a medical team consultation is required, a 2-3 working day waiting period is requested.

A safe start

We do not treat you the first time, only if you need emergency treatment. It is important that you are clear about the treatments and prices you will receive. If necessary, the second consultation is free of charge!

Take more care of yourself! Start with a dental check-up!

Experienced team of doctors

Budapest Dental Dentistry was founded in 2005. As a dental practice, we have retained our family atmosphere, while maintaining one of the most modern dental technology backgrounds. General and aesthetic dentistry, oral surgery, implantology and orthodontics all in one place.

Modern diagnostics

An integral part of the initial assessment is the digital panoramic X-ray. The resulting image is accurate and provides an above-average diagnostic capability. If you are planning a microscopic root canal treatment or dental implantation, a 3-dimensional CBCT radiograph is taken when planning the treatment.

Minimal waiting time

No one likes to wait unnecessarily, time is perhaps the most precious treasure of modern man. We provide quality treatments and are compassionate about your time. The length of medical work is not always predictable, but we do our best to start on time and keep waiting times to a minimum.

Feel good at your first dental check-up!

Kindness is a fundamental human value

  • We will be punctual, there may be a minimum waiting time.
  • Our team is friendly and the atmosphere is family-like. We know that the tooth is a sensitive organ, so we are extremely empathetic.
  • We guarantee that you will only see experienced, expert dentists.
  • The oral examination is painless.
  • For complex dental problems, you don’t need to travel to multiple clinics or specialists, as our doctors work together as a team for you
Good diagnosis is the key to success

The experience and expertise of dentists is one of the pillars of success, but a lot depends on the technological equipment. We provide you with the latest diagnostic tools, right from your first dental check-up!

  • Precision X-ray diagnostics
  • 3-dimensional CBCT radiographs
  • Microscopic diagnostics
Uncertain? Anxious? Procrastinating?

It’s a difficult situation, but know that you are not alone. Although most treatments are painless, many people are still afraid of the dentist. But we encourage you. Many thousands of anxious patients return to us for their annual check-up. They and we have done it together! Come and see us too!

  • We don’t have “embarrassing” situations or “telling off”, but we do have understanding when faced with a difficult situation
  • No painful dental treatment
  • No hidden costs, no conveyor belt

If you don’t look after yourself, who will? A dental check-up doesn’t hurt, it’s more of a conversation. We make suggestions on how to make your smile more beautiful and healthy. With us, you’ll meet a truly expert dentist and get all the empathy, knowledge and information you need.

Dr. Pattogató Rita és Dr. Némethy Miklós

The founders of Budapest Dental

How much does your first dental check-up cost?

For the first health check, we most often recommend the health check package, which includes an X-ray. Additional diagnostic methods are not always necessary.


We don't have a conveyor belt! This practice is run by a husband and wife team of dentists.

As the owners are dentists themselves, a sense of vocation and a love of dentistry is the core driving force behind the business. At Budapest Dental Dentistry, we work every day to make sure you love it, enjoy your smile and keep your teeth healthy for life!

Keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime!