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Dr. Rita Pattogató and Dr. Miklós Némethy
founding dentists
Having a hard time choosing between
We know: it’s hard to navigate today with all the price promotions bidding below each other. There is no time to read the fine print of a bid. If you don’t want any unexpected surprises in terms of the technologies used, the fees charged and the results achieved, then look for a sure bet!
“We come into the clinic every day with the same dedication, care, enthusiasm and attention to detail as when we opened 15 years ago. It’s the only way we feel comfortable. Our human approach hasn’t changed. People who come to us don’t fear the dentist, which is a good feeling.”
Dr. Rita Pattogató and Dr. Miklós Némethy
The founders of Budapest Dental
Haven’t been to the dentist for a long time? Are you in pain? Want better teeth? Do you have trouble chewing properly? We can help!

Health check

Consult a competent dentist! Thorough examination, digital panoramic X-ray, treatment proposal.

Toothache? Call us! We can help!

If you have pain or sensitivity, make an appointment as soon as possible, we can help! Waiting is not a cure!

Gum recession can be prevented

Keep your teeth! We offer you the latest LESS PAIN ultrasonic scaling method.

Cosmetic dentistry

Gum treatment and teeth whitening treatment package with 20% discount for beautiful and healthy teeth.

Effective teeth whitening

There is an effective, safe method of teeth whitening. Also available in a peroxide-free version for sensitive people.

A prettier, younger smile

A smile can be made beautiful. There are natural solutions to cover up grey or ugly teeth.

Painless tooth filling

The decay is not visible for a long time. By the time you notice, most of the tooth is already dead. Come in time!

Dental nodule screening and treatments

Hair loss, skin problems, joint problems can be caused by dental nodular disease. Get a pap smear screening!

Tooth extraction by a competent surgeon

Do you need oral surgery or tooth extraction? It makes a difference who you go to.

Removable instead of fixed dentures

Don’t let go of the natural experience of chewing! There is a solution instead of removable dentures.

Dental implants, bone replacement

10+ years of experience. Choose safe dental implants at affordable prices with a guarantee.

Invisible orthodontics

Spectacular results and a regular smile in up to 6 months. Comfortable, modern, hygienic.

Zirconium crown

Opt for CAD-CAM technology and metal-free zirconium dental restorations for a natural effect!

Gum treatments

Healthy gums do not bleed, but are firm and pink. We can help you get yours like that!

Microscopic root canal treatment

Microscopic root canal treatment is more likely to save teeth. Modern and effective.