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Invisible orthodontics

Would you keep it secret? Then make it invisible!

Invisible orthodontics is a popular method among our adult patients who want to keep the fact that they are entering orthodontic treatment with an adult head a secret. They also like the predictability and the ability to set their own pace.
Orthodontic consultation with a specialist

10 000 Ft

Order an orthodontic treatment plan
20 000 Ft
Orthodontic plan video
55 000 Ft
Orthodontic plan video

55 000 Ft

Invisible braces Clear Aligner set

75 000 Ft

Invisible orthodontics full package price

850 000 Ft

Get going and discover the potential of your smile!

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Inform yourself, even for free!

Many people are unsure about how to get started with orthodontics, so you may have questions even if you’re not sure whether you want to start. The cost of an orthodontic consultation can be offset later!

Ask for a treatment plan!

If you decide to go ahead, the first step is planning. In this case, your first consultation will be free of charge, and the amount paid will be deducted from the price of the design. The orthodontic plan is complicated, your doctor will collect a lot of data about your smile.

Orthodontic planning

Dental impressions are taken. Photographs of his facial profile, smile and bite pattern. Panoramic X-rays and teleradiographs showing the skull from the side are needed. Once all the data has been evaluated, a treatment plan is made.

Virtual before-and-after video

The virtual treatment video can be part of the treatment planning. This is essentially a graphical video in which the transformation between the initial smile and the expected outcome is modelled, so that the outcome can be predicted and evaluated.

Orthodontic treatment

If invisible orthodontic treatment is carried out during check-ups. The pace depends on whether you wear the splint for the right amount of time (22 hours a day). You will need to come to the office every 4 weeks to continue treatment with the next splint.

Smile retention phase

The result of orthodontic treatment must be maintained, as our muscles and teeth will want to return to the original position. That’s why we have the retainer, which is just as important as the active phase and is done with the same invisible splint.

Do you like to keep secrets? Get invisible braces!


The invisible or removable rails are completely transparent and are not conspicuous when worn. The splints can and should be removed during meals, otherwise they should always be kept in the mouth. After eating, teeth are perfectly cleaned, no gingivitis or unpleasant breath. Wearing for 22 hours a day is sufficient to achieve the desired result.

A date? No problem!

While you can’t get rid of fixed braces, invisible braces are flexible, you can control when you get them. You can safely take the appliance out for important appointments! Just make sure you keep it in your mouth for 22 hours a day if you want results.


The virtual video shows the conceptual shifts from the starting point to the final result and how your smile will evolve. Wearing 22 hours a day will give a good effect, so 6-9 months is usually enough time to adjust. The beautiful smile achieved is further stabilised with the retention phase.
Virtual before-and-after video
Digital design is the soul of invisible orthodontic treatment. In addition to the traditional treatment plan, a special design step, the digital or virtual design, is added, where the necessary rails are first designed in virtual space. The design gives the exact number of rails, so that the cost of treatment can be calculated accurately.
A big advantage is that you can get an accurate picture of the expected result before the treatment process starts. The graphic video shows you the path to the final result and what your smile will look like after treatment.
Accurate and efficient 3D
The orthodontic splints required for treatment are made from ultra-thin material with micromillimetre precision in the dental laboratory, using a laser scanner and 3D printer. The necessary tooth movements are encoded into the rails.
The transparent plastic splint grips and holds the patient’s teeth in the desired position with pinpoint accuracy, and applies the right amount of pressure, traction, etc. to the teeth to be moved.
During tooth movement, the teeth initially become sensitive, this is natural. However, as the process progresses, the discomfort soon reduces and the visual results help to take the discomfort away.
The bone is rebuilding, the teeth are rearranging
The splints should be worn for at least 22 hours every day to ensure the right effect. But experience has shown that this is not a problem and does not interfere with speech. It can be taken out for meals, important meetings, etc.
The splint should be worn until the coded effect is fully transmitted to the teeth. When you can put the splint on your teeth without any tension, you can put on the next splint! A splint should normally be worn for 2 weeks.
The movements from splint to splint are gradual and gentle. In the process, the bone is rebuilt and the teeth are rearranged, just like traditional orthodontics, but invisibly. A check-up every 4 weeks is required to ensure the process is carried out safely!
And what about the more severe congestion?
Like any medical treatment, invisible, removable splinting has its possibilities and its limits. Invisible splinting is most effective when there is no major bite discrepancy between the bones, such as deep bite, back and forth misalignment, severe arch crowding. This represents about 50% of adult orthodontic cases.
For more severe cases, fixed orthodontic treatment is recommended. But there is no need to be alarmed here either, with modern appliances using soft biological forces, treatments are faster and highly effective.
“Every day, 3-4 patients come in with the request for invisible regulation, and this number seems to be increasing. The method is comfortable and effective, so word is spreading fast. The milder irregularities can be treated excellently, I have more than one case with whom we have been able to enter the final, retention phase after six months. “

Dr. Barbara Prém


How much does invisible braces cost?

Orthodontics is a complex area, and there are several types of appliances to choose from for a given situation. Your treatment plan will give you an accurate quote for your specific situation. Below are the prices for getting started and for the treatment plan:

Orthodontic plan video

55 000 Ft
For invisible orthodontics

Modeling the final result

Accurate duration determination

Accurate price determination

Invisible braces Clear Aligner set

75 000 Ft

Invisible orthodontics full package price

850 000 Ft
Invisible braces

Painless treatment

Comfortable to wear

Excellent results

Watch the virtual treatment video!

If you’re taking the initiative, a video of your own teeth will model the transformation process from the initial to the final stage. You can see how the teeth move to a new position and the bone rebuilds!
Discover the possibility of a more beautiful and regular smile!