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Orthodontic treatment

Adult orthodontics: start with a consultation!

Today, everyone expects orthodontics to be as invisible as possible and the process to be painless. Soft biological forces should be at work, and the treatment should be carried out without pulling teeth. Although this is not always feasible, it is clear that every set of teeth and every jaw is different, so an individualised analysis is always necessary.
Orthodontic consultation with a specialist

10 000 Ft

Order an orthodontic treatment plan
20 000 Ft
Orthodontic plan video
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You lose nothing if you start with a consultation without commitment. If you later request a treatment plan, the consultation will be free of charge for you. See the steps to orthodontic treatment:

Inform yourself, even for free!

Many people are unsure about how to start dealing with their uneven smile, so you may have questions about it and be unsure whether you want to start treatment. The cost of an orthodontic consultation can be offset later!

Ask for a treatment plan

If you decide to go ahead, the first step is planning. In this case, your first consultation will be free of charge, and the amount paid will be deducted from the price of the design. The orthodontic plan is complicated, your doctor will collect a lot of data about your smile.

Orthodontic planning

Impressions are made of his teeth. Photographs of his facial profile, smile and bite pattern. Panoramic X-rays and teleradiographs showing the skull from the side are needed. Once all the data has been evaluated, a treatment plan is made.

Virtual before after

If the treatment planning is geared towards invisible orthodontics, a virtual treatment video can be made. This is essentially a graphic video in which the transformation between the initial smile and the expected final result is modelled.


If invisible, if fixed, if removable, orthodontic treatment is carried out during controls and activations. You will need to come to the office every 4-8 weeks or so to start the next step with your orthodontist. Treatments last from 6 months to about 2.5 years.

Smile retention phase

The result of orthodontic treatment must be maintained, as our muscles and teeth will want to return to the original position at all costs. That’s why we have the retention or retention phase, which is just as important as the active phase!

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Smile Aesthetics

A beautiful, confident smile can be achieved with orthodontic treatment to replace tangled or chipped teeth. As you get older, the upper lip becomes more elongated, with fewer teeth showing. With orthodontic treatment, the smile line changes and more of the teeth can show when smiling, giving the face a more youthful appearance.

Comfortable chewing

Adjusting misaligned teeth and abnormal bite is an important task of orthodontic treatment. Adjustment is not only about the alignment of the teeth, but also about the harmonious contact between the upper and lower teeth. Adjusting an early tooth contact can even correct jaw joint problems.

Thinking about our older age

Poor biting position can cause the incisors to become overloaded and loose as you get older. Teeth more prone to decay due to congestion may be lost sooner. Timely orthodontic treatment gives us the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of chewing, speaking and a beautiful smile for a long time.
Adult orthodontics: fixed or invisible?
In adulthood, the jawbones no longer develop and orthodontics is mainly about moving the teeth. Excessive tooth distortions may require tooth removal to make room, but with the help of modern, soft biological force orthodontic appliances, tooth removal can often be avoided, albeit with compromise.
The right solution for each patient, fixed or invisible (metal, porcelain, soft biological force, self-ligating or traditional), is determined by an all-round assessment. Whenever possible, we use an invisible orthodontic solution to improve the beauty of the smile.
Soft biological forces, faster treatment
Orthodontic treatment is a long process, you have to wait for the cellular processes that cause the teeth to move in a healthy way and the bone to remodel. This is not instantaneous, biological processes must be respected.
However, time can be saved with the latest technologies, such as soft biological force orthodontic appliances. Not by rushing biology, but by taking advantage of modern technology, such as the latest memory arches or self-locking brackets.
The self-ligating technique allows less friction between the pins and the archwires. Friction is minimised as the teeth move, reducing the length of treatment.
Convenient self-ligating devices
When the aesthetics of the orthodontic process are paramount, we use InOvation technology from Japan, and when speed is of the essence, we use Damon and Pitts metal self-ligating appliances for soft power orthodontics.
The two key elements of the self-ligating technique are the braces with self-locking pins and the ultra-soft memory arches. This modern technology makes the orthodontic process less sensitive and easier to bear. More time can pass between two dental check-ups because the arch can be left alone to work for longer.
Orthodontics for children: a world of options
In children, the bones are still developing and can be influenced. Many people don’t realise that treatment should start when a child’s baby teeth are still growing. Tooth replacement is one of the best times to shape the jaw bones.
Whether or not this precious time is missed is not always a matter of choice, as early orthodontic treatment could in many cases avoid the need for tooth extraction in adulthood. Even before the remaining teeth grow out, it is a good idea to stop children from bad habits that affect the growth of their teeth. For example, eliminating sucking and fingering can improve both open bite and protruding upper teeth.
“Many people want nice, regular teeth, but fewer people are starting to treat them. Indeed, orthodontics is a longer process than, for example, a filling. It takes perseverance and the spectacular results come later. But persistent patients are always grateful in the end. They are grateful that they took the plunge, that they believed in themselves and in a more beautiful and regular smile. And I am happy to accompany them on this journey! “

Dr. Barbara Prém


How much do orthodontic treatments cost?

Orthodontics is a complex area, and there are several types of appliances to choose from for a given situation. Your treatment plan will give you an accurate quote for your specific situation. Below are the prices for getting started and for the treatment plan:

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