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Our practice is equipped with the latest technology, because our goal is unquestionable quality. We use the world’s cutting-edge technology, including 3-dimensional digital CBCT X-rays, an operating microscope, dental lasers and premium dental equipment. We are conveniently located in downtown Budapest, next to the Vígszínház.

Modern dental clinic in the heart of Budapest.

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Our dental surgery is open on working days, Monday to Friday 8.00 – 20.00. We are located at 10 Szent István körút in the heart of Budapest, next to the Vígszínház. Our reception staff will be happy to welcome you! They will be happy to assist you – in person, by phone or e-mail.

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Light in the hands of the dentist is a real power!

Think about it! You’re looking for something important… you’re fumbling around in a dark room… and then you turn on the light and you find what you’re looking for. Even a dentist can only do accurate work in a well-lit area, even with the best materials in the dark.

A modern dental practice has the latest lighting equipment, allowing the dentist to see into the “darkest places”. The light gives you real safety, both during dental diagnosis and painless dental treatment.

Digital diagnostics

Patients should be able to choose the best place for them from the many advertisements for dental practices.

You may find this fact helpful: digital 3 D CBCT and panoramic X-rays give a much more accurate image than conventional X-rays, at a much lower dose.

But an accurate diagnosis is like a solid foundation for a house, and is the secret to long-term successful treatment.

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Discuss your dental needs with our staff, who will recommend the most appropriate member of our team to carry out the assessment. Your treatment will then be carried out by the dentist with the most expertise in the field.

Microscopic diagnostics

The operating microscope has a magnification of 12.5 times. It can be used to determine the prognosis of a tooth with greater certainty and more accurate treatment.

With microscopic root canal treatment, previously undiscovered root canals can be revealed, allowing treatment to be carried out with greater precision and safety.

More teeth to save. For us, it’s not all the same. We recommend you do too!

The art of setting the bite

One of the most difficult tasks for a dentist when making dentures is to set a comfortable bite. The bite is even more individual than the size of your shoes.

So it’s very different for everyone. In many dental practices, they only use an instrument set to an averaged size to adjust the bite and in some cases it works well.

But more is needed to set the individual bite. Face-to-face diagnosis and individual adjustments. Fine-tuning is harder, but in the long run your joints will thank you for it!

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Painless tooth extraction

If you must say goodbye to a tooth, do it painlessly. Anesthesia before tooth extraction starts by numbing the mucosa. The delicious fruity jelly has a special power. Before we think it’s a tasty jelly treat that the dentist smears in our mouths for his own amusement, we soon realise our mistake when half our tongue goes numb from a drop of it.
The needle can pass through the numbed mucous membrane painlessly – so we’ve got the first part out of the way… now it’s time for the rest!

Painless plaque removal

Few people take their gum health seriously enough. Yet gum disease could be easily prevented by regular removal of tartar, the most common cause of gingivitis and bleeding gums.
And now pain can no longer be an obstacle! With the latest Less Pain ultrasound technology and Guided Biofilm Therapy, your teeth and natural smile can be preserved for life!