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Porcelain veneer

Only you and your dentist will really know!

The porcelain veneer, made with IPS e.max Ivoclar technology, looks deceptively similar to healthy, intact tooth enamel. This technique is one of the most exclusive ways to achieve a sparkling, healthy smile.
IPS E.max Ivoclar porcelain veneer

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Steps to prepare the IPS e.max
Ivoclar porcelain veneer

If you want to achieve a beautiful and regular smile without compromise, ask your dentist for porcelain veneer treatment!

Get informed!

The first step is a health check. During the aesthetic consultation, your dentist will thoroughly evaluate your options. There are strict rules for porcelain veneers, and success can only be guaranteed if all dental aspects are met.

Aesthetic design

Once the treatment plan is agreed, smile planning can begin. The expected tooth shapes can be pre-modelled on a wax-up, and even mock-ups of the new teeth can be made in the mouth with temporary plastic veneers before the finished porcelain is placed.


The treatment, the preparation of the teeth, is a one-session process and is of course carried out under anaesthesia. Even in the case where a grinding-free version can be made, as the teeth and gums can be sensitive during the impression taking process.


Minimal tooth removal is required to prepare porcelain veneers. The tooth shade is chosen by the dentist to match the teeth. If you prefer a whiter colour, it is advisable to ask your dentist for professional teeth whitening beforehand.

Short waiting time

After the impression is taken, work continues in the dental laboratory. The porcelain veneers take approximately 5 working days to complete. The teeth are not uncovered until then. They are protected either by the preliminary temporary denture veneers or by a simple temporary covering.

A smile of joy

The porcelain veneers are applied under anaesthesia. After about 4 hours after bonding, the new teeth are perfectly usable as the original teeth, but much more beautiful and shiny. A happy smile is no longer an obstacle.

Többet hozna ki a mosolyából? Ismerje meg a porcelán héjat!

Extremely thin

IPS e.max Ivoclar lithium disilicate or glass-ceramic is the expert in aesthetic dental restoration. This material offers maximum hardness with minimum wall thickness. It can also be fabricated for grey, crowded, dead teeth because it provides adequate coverage for a natural effect. No. 1 aesthetics!

Even without grinding

Lithium disilicate is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also strong and resistant to chewing in a thin finish. This makes it possible to make veneers without sanding in some cases. If grinding is required, it is also up to 0.8 mm from the front surface of the tooth.

In up to 5 days

The IPS e.max Ivoclar porcelain veneer can be ready in up to a week. Colour selection is done on the day of preparation, and the brand new porcelain veneers can be applied after 5 days. If you prefer whiter teeth, professional teeth whitening can be requested prior to treatment for an overall effect.
A smile deserves the best

A+ in aesthetics

Glass ceramics have special physical properties. This material can truly imitate the shine and gloss of natural tooth enamel. But in dentistry this is not enough, as it has to withstand the forces of chewing and biting.

Excellent for stability

Fortunately, we’re not disappointed here either. Glass-ceramic provides maximum hardness, even with very thin wall thicknesses, so it can be worn without the risk of cracking or breaking when properly indicated.
When to choose a porcelain veneer?

If you want a regular and beautiful smile instead of grey, crowded, ugly, misshapen or slightly crowded teeth, a porcelain veneer may be perfect if you have a normal bite and no severe crowding.

Porcelain veneers are always recommended in the smile zone, i.e. the front teeth. A crown is necessary for the chewing teeth, as the teeth in the chewing area are subjected to much more stress than the teeth in the front area.

Porcelain veneers can only be used for the aesthetic restoration of existing teeth, not for the replacement of missing teeth. For root canal treatment, a crown is preferable.

What is the alternative to a porcelain veneer?

There is no aesthetic alternative to the IPS e.max Ivoclar porcelain veneer made of lithium disilicate, which is the most beautiful and lifelike way to transform a smile. If you want a beautiful smile without compromise and the dental situation allows it, this is the solution for you. For root canal treatment, a glass-ceramic crown may be the solution.

If you also have a tooth deficiency in the smile zone, then an alternative solution is indeed necessary. In such cases, a metal-free zirconium porcelain crown and bridge is the right choice, also offering a premium quality aesthetic experience.

“Porcelain veneers are the first choice of patients who want to hide aesthetic flaws in the smile area. For teeth with an unfavourable colour and shape, a regular and naturally beautiful smile can be created! In addition, this technique does not require the entire crown to be sanded down and in some cases can be done without sanding. “

Dr. Judit Déry


How much does the IPS e.max porcelain veneer

During the health check, you will receive a detailed and accurate treatment plan, including information on any additional treatments that may be required (e.g. temporary peel, wax-up, mock-up, etc.).