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Would you like to make the most of your smile? Would you like to keep your teeth intact for a lifetime?

We show you some of the ways to achieve more successful treatments than with standard dental solutions. These treatments are designed for you if you want to get more out of your smile than what your everyday dental options can offer.

You don’t give up easily either? We have solutions to preserve teeth in critical condition.

The good news is that dental science can achieve a lot! Even in cases where you wouldn’t expect it, there can be a solution. Humans are living and mysterious organisms, we can’t solve everything. But our experience and expertise have helped people in many critical situations.

Do you want to chew with your own teeth for life? We’ll show you how to achieve it!

Genetics is one thing. We inherit habit patterns, not just genes. The good news is that while we can’t change the former, we can change our habits. Of course, this requires a loyal commitment to ourselves, which is not easy. We can help you make that commitment, change your habits and guide you on the path to healthy teeth and gums.

Do you have few teeth or have lost all of them but do not want a removable prosthesis?

Complete toothlessness or the loss of all the back teeth can sometimes create a hopeless situation. With teeth extracted, there may be little bone left for traditional tooth replacement. If you find yourself in this predicament, you need our team of professional implantologist, prosthodontists and oral surgeons who can build up bone and then design and create a durable and safe dental prosthetic solution for you.

Would you like a more beautiful smile?

Leave it to the professionals!

Why shouldn’t it be white again? Why shouldn’t it be natural again? Modern dental aesthetics solutions can help you. The American Beyond whitening method, the I-Max natural porcelain technology, or Micerium’s ultra aesthetic Smile-to-Go system are all innovations in dental aesthetics that help you restore your natural and radiant smile with premium quality!

Orthodontic treatment effectively?

There is no obstacle to straightening teeth, that is not the difficulty of professional orthodontics. Adjusting the bite, providing comfort both during and after the treatment: these are the serious challenges that a professional has to overcome. And you’ll need perseverance, but you know that already when you decide to embark on this mysterious and exciting smile-transforming process.