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Szandra Balogh-Szellő
Szandra Balogh-Szellő

Szandra Balogh-Szellő

I feel at home at Budapest Dental

"I started in an assistant position at Budapest Dental Dentistry, I was impressed by the way I could communicate and help people, but after a while I wanted more. This place gave me the opportunity to develop, so I successfully completed the dental hygienist training, so today I can approach people with more knowledge. I really like being in the practice and working towards a common goal, I feel like this is my second home! "
Szandra Balogh-Szellő

Her job is her hobby

Dental hygienist qualification: 2018

Sandra is a kind, smiling creature, direct and helpful with her patients. She loves her job, it's basically her hobby. She considers herself to be one of the lucky people who can say that she doesn't have to work even on weekdays, because she can just live her hobby.

On weekends, of course, he also likes to relax in the great outdoors - the huge hikes always clear her head and recharge her batteries so that she can return to her hobby on Mondays.

Szandra Balogh-Szellő

Every six months in the clinic

Prevention is key

Szandra, in agreement with the team of doctors at Budapest Dental, believes that the key to lifelong dental health is regular care of your teeth at home and in the dental practice.

Tartar build-up can be insidious, gingivitis is an unpleasant symptom for many patients and many are unaware of its serious consequences.

That's why Sandra advises all her patients - "See you in six months right here in the clinic!"

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