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Ultrasonic plaque removal

About 87% of Hungarian patients have gum

So almost everyone has gum problems, from the banal, quickly treatable gingivitis to severe, even tooth-losing gingivitis. But gums are easy to treat for a while, and more serious disease can be prevented. The solution is regular dental scaling.
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Frequently asked questions about descaling

Find out all about plaque removal, gum treatment, gum inflammation, gingivitis and treatment options!

Even a banal bleeding gum can be resolved with a thorough brushing. It's a good idea to gently but effectively massage the gums in a circular motion while brushing. Never scrub vigorously horizontally! Use a fine-headed interdental toothbrush to remove all plaque. It is okay if the gums bleed when brushing or using the interdental brush! It is bleeding because there is inflammation, and the inflammation will go away when the plaque is removed from the tooth surface!


If, despite thorough brushing, the bleeding from the gums does not stop or persists for one or two teeth, it is definitely worth making an appointment with a dentist, or at least a dental hygienist, and requesting an ultrasonic scaling treatment. The treatment will also help to clean tooth surfaces that you cannot reach at home, and will also remove the tartar under the gums that is perpetuating the inflammation.


If you have no other complaints apart from bleeding gums and no discolouration on your teeth, you can request an Ultrasound SILVER package, which will give you a thorough scaling treatment.


If your tooth surfaces are discoloured and you want slightly whiter teeth, fresh breath and smooth tooth surfaces, request the Ultrahang STANDARD package, which includes a natural whitening Air-Brush salt polishing after the scaling.


For a premium solution, choose the Premium Less Pain package, where the latest Less Pain pain-free scaling, natural-feeling whitening and thorough home care are all embedded in an eight-step programme to help you keep your teeth for life.


If you're not fully aware of the ins and outs of thorough brushing, don't feel alone! Many people don't know exactly how to brush their teeth because no one has taught them thoroughly enough! If this is the case, make an appointment with a dental hygienist who will teach you the correct steps and choose the right dental care products for you after your gum treatment and plaque removal.

Many patients come in - some of them quite frightened - that they must have gingival atrophy, because, for example, their canine or deciduous tooth has a raised gum line and the crown of the tooth looks longer than before. Otherwise their gums are firm, pink and show no signs of inflammation.


It is important to know that this is not gingival atrophy! In most cases, it is simply that in thin, tall phenotypes - especially ladies - it appears naturally.


Of course, there may also be mechanical causes, such as improper brushing technique, which massages the thin gums off the tooth by horizontal scrubbing.


Occasionally there may also be a bite problem, where overloading of the tooth occurs and causes symptoms.


The most important thing to do if you are experiencing gum chafing is to come for a dental consultation and seek the advice of your dentist. If it's a trivial matter, at least you can rest assured that there's nothing to do and everything is fine. And if treatment is needed, you can find out what can help you solve the problem.

Scaling is not primarily for whiter teeth, but for healthier gums. If you want teeth that are much whiter than they are now, it's worth getting some professional teeth whitening. Of course, gum treatment may also be required before whitening. The Ultrasound STANDARD, or Premium Less Pain package, includes a natural whitening treatment that removes discolouration from the surface of the teeth. This is a very important, preventative step for effective teeth whitening, because the whitening effect is more effective on fully cleaned tooth surfaces.


So, for the whitest results, it is worth combining an ultrasonic package with professional teeth whitening.

Take action as soon as possible and ask for an assessment! For slightly movable teeth, gum treatments such as laser gum treatment, curettage or splinting can help. In the case of teeth that are more movable, it is important to protect the underlying bone from further decay and to eliminate the infection that typically develops when the tooth is no longer salvageable.

All treatments are carried out with the utmost care, empathy and pain relief to ensure that they are as painless as possible. Unfortunately, fear cannot help you, but we can! Use fear as a crutch! It makes you take responsibility and take action for yourself! Ask for a health check!

Bad breath can be caused by dental problems or a problem with the gastrointestinal tract. To get a diagnosis, it is advisable to first consult a dentist who can rule out dental problems. If the bad breath is not caused by a dental problem, you should then consult a gastroenterologist.


If the bad breath is coming from the mouth, there are several possible causes. 


The bacteria in the cavities of the teeth can cause a very unpleasant odour. Dental caries is often invisible to the patient, but it can still be present.
Inflamed gums, bacteria clinging to tartar, also produce a very unpleasant odour. In the inflammation, the bacteria's own cells are also destroyed, and not only the bacterial gases but also the smell of the bacteria's own decaying cells is unpleasant.
Tooth decay can start under old crowns and fillings if the old restoration does not close properly, which is where the unpleasant smell can also start.


To find out the cause of the bad breath, it is always worth getting a thorough oral examination. The dentist will also take a panoramic X-ray during the examination and carefully map the teeth and bone. After the examination, a treatment plan will be drawn up and you can start to address the cause of the bad breath.

To treat discolouration, you should choose Ultrasound STANDARD or Premium Less Pain packages, which include ultrasonic scaling and natural salt polishing to remove discolouration from the surface of the teeth. Of course, if you want even whiter teeth after scaling, you may want to ask your dentist for a more effective whitening treatment.

Okay, then take action as soon as possible!


1. If you don't have complaints yet and don't want to, choose Guided Biofilm Therapy's 8-step system. This preventative therapy will help you keep your teeth for life.


2. If you already have gum problems, or teeth that can move, make an appointment for a check-up! The sooner you move, the more bone you can preserve! In some cases, the tooth may already have to be removed. In this case, if this is not done and the inflamed tooth remains in place because you delay this step, not only will the bone continue to decay deep down, making it difficult to do a tooth replacement or implant later, but such an inflammation can also cause a dental abscess, which can affect other areas of your body in a detrimental way! Take action! Use your fears to take responsibility for yourself and we will give you the professional help you need!

Gingival atrophy is a general term, there is no such classification in dental terminology. There are many levels of gum problems, ranging from banal gingivitis to severe periodontitis where the bone tissue supporting the tooth is destroyed. We offer laser treatments, curettage, splinting and other general dentistry therapies. Ask for an appointment!

In many cases yes, in others no. We can neither guarantee nor exclude this for you. Laser light evaporates bacteria and inflammatory tissue, helping to fight inflammation. We only recommend laser gum treatment when we believe it will be beneficial to you. Otherwise, we will offer you alternative solutions. Ask for an appointment!

Want to get started, but don't know where to start? Here are the answers!

With each ultrasonic tartar removal, the surface of the tooth becomes smooth, the bone recovers, inflammation decreases and healing begins. There are different stages of gum problems, and we offer different treatment options for different types of gum problems, so let’s see how:

Health check

If you are experiencing bleeding gums or other gum problems, the first step is to assess the condition. Our dentist will check the condition of the gums and whether the teeth can move. An X-ray will determine the location of the gum pockets and prepare a treatment plan for you.

Ultrasound SILVER package

Thorough tartar removal for common tartar problems. Traditional ultrasonic scaling with brush polishing helps those who can’t afford to go further, but still want to take action to improve the health of their gums.

Ultrasound STANDARD package

Thorough plaque removal and natural teeth whitening. Traditional ultrasonic scaling with Air Brush salt polishing. For normal amounts of tartar, with a natural whitening effect. Health and beauty in one.

Premium LESS PAIN package

Less Pain ultrasonic technology, natural teeth whitening, eight-step gum health maintenance program. For health-conscious patients who are determined to do all they can for their gum health and do it regularly.

Antimicrobial therapy

Additional treatment after scaling. Effective, drug-free therapy for recurrent gum infections. The treatment kills 99% of the bacteria that cause gingivitis, including pathogens that have become resistant!

Laser gum treatments

After the ultrasound treatment, the deep pockets should be treated further. This is what periodontal curettage and laser gum treatment are for. The laser light penetrates the tissue, vaporising the bacteria that are causing the inflammation lurking deep in the pocket.

Healthy gums do not bleed! Come in for a dental scaling!

Painless treatments

During ultrasonic scaling, the ultrasonic vibrations separate the tartar stuck to the tooth enamel from the teeth. The treatment is also effective on tartar above and below the gum. Our ultrasonic devices apply such a gentle vibration to the teeth that the treatment is painless or involves minimal tooth sensitivity.

LESS PAIN technology

For the more sensitive patients, we have the Swiss EMS LESS PAIN ultrasonic technology instead of the traditional devices at Budapest Dental Clinic. The Guided Biofilm Therapy concept is a new approach to gum health maintenance, available as a special package offer.

Tooth loss can be prevented

Many patients do not notice the floss. Just as many people are unaware of the gum pockets around their teeth. Many come late, only when the teeth start to move noticeably. You should not wait for this! Ask us for dental scaling treatment on time and regularly!
Tartar is the enemy of teeth and gums

It starts with a feeling of gum bleeding

The initial symptoms of gingivitis, like bleeding gums, are often underestimated. Tartar keeps the gums inflamed, and slowly, imperceptibly, the bone that holds the tooth begins to decay. At first it causes only bleeding gums and unpleasant breath.

It continues with tooth decay

In the long term, however, the bone tissue that holds the tooth is destroyed. Gingival pockets form, and tartar build-up continues deep within these pockets. The deep gum pockets are now home to more destructive bacteria, which are not affected by mouthwash. Slowly the tooth becomes mobile.
Distinctive symptoms of gum inflammation

Swollen gums

Healthy gums are firm and pink. The gingival papillae between the teeth are thin and pointed. If the gums are purplish, reddish, if the papillae between the teeth are swollen and bleed to the touch, it is a sign of gingivitis, it is worth brushing thoroughly and if the condition persists, you should see a dentist.

Unpleasant breath

Unfortunately, not everyone can smell their own breath. And for those who do, people often don’t dare to speak up, as they don’t know how to report back such a sensitive issue. That’s why it’s important to have regular treatment every six months, so that no one else notices it, but the dentist can treat it in time.
Guided Biofilm Therapy

Conscious and disciplined lifestyle

Regular gum treatment is part of a conscious lifestyle. Like when we decide to drink 1.5 litres of water a day or exercise regularly. It takes discipline. Self-love and a deep inner will not to let your teeth fall out prematurely.

Eight steps for our teeth

The eight-step concept of Swiss company EMS and Guided Biofilm Therapy is designed for people who take responsibility for their health. LESS PAIN technology and a complex preventive approach help keep teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.

Few people are conscious enough about the health of their gums. Yet most gum disease and premature tooth loss could easily be prevented. Ultrasonic plaque removal is a simple, quick procedure that can prevent tooth loss and loosening if done regularly.

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Dental hygiene

How much does ultrasonic plaque removal

After an initial assessment, you will be offered the package that will best benefit the health of your gums. The three basic gum treatment packages are as follows:

Do you know how to brush your teeth

We learned to brush our teeth from our parents. Did they teach this “subject” accurately and well? Healthy gums start with thorough brushing in the morning and evening, we’ll show you how to do it effectively!
Don’t wait for more serious gum disease!