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Zirconium crown

Choose an elegant, premium solution for a long-lasting and aesthetic tooth replacement!

Metal-free zirconium is the most elegant choice if you want to replace your missing teeth permanently and aesthetically. Computer-aided CAD-CAM technology provides a great opportunity for an ultra-precise fit, which is a guarantee of durability.
Zirconium porcelain crown or bridge member

84 900 Ft

IPS e.max Ivoclar full porcelain crown

32 750 Ft

Metal ceramic crown or bridge member
59 900 Ft

The steps to make an elegant and lifelike
zirconium crown

Most patients choose zirconium crowns or bridges to fill tooth gaps. The preparation of a tooth replacement requires several visits to the practice, so it is worth finding out the details:

Health check

At the first appointment, the dentist will prepare a treatment plan based on an oral examination and panoramic X-rays. Most of the time, he will list alternative suggestions, such as whether a dental implant can be placed or whether there are preparatory treatment phases before a crown is made.

Treatment plan

The treatment plan includes written alternative proposals and prices. The alternative to zirconium crowns is metal-ceramic. Zirconium is more expensive, while metal-ceramic is cheaper. They are equivalent in durability, but aesthetically zirconium is more elegant, beautiful and natural.


Preparing the teeth for treatment is painless. The Ultracain DS Forte anaesthetic numbs four times as much as conventional Lidocaine. After grinding, a highly accurate impression is made. The treatment takes 30 to 90 minutes depending on the dental situation.

Waiting time

Based on the impression, the final crown is made in the laboratory using computer-aided CAD-CAM technology. The waiting time is 5-10 working days, an interim fitting may be necessary. In the meantime, a temporary plastic crown is placed on the tooth.

Tooth shade selection

Porcelain veneering is the final stage of crown making. The tooth colour is chosen by the dentist to match the colour of the patient’s existing teeth. If you want whiter teeth, you should first ask your dentist for professional teeth whitening.

Guarantee, follow-up

The zirconium crown has a 3-year guarantee, but it will last much longer if you follow the hygiene rules. It is recommended to have your zirconium crowns and dentures checked every year. If required, you will be informed of the date of your check-up.

Metal-free zirconium crown. The natural pleasure of chewing!

CAD-CAM technology

Modern computer technology eliminates human inaccuracies. Zirconium crowns and bridges are designed using computer software instead of traditional sampling. The virtual form is carved out of the zirconium ingot by a milling machine.

Realistic porcelain

The metal-free, white or dentin-coloured zirconium frame is not yet shaped. The final tooth shape and the lifelike translucent colour are provided by the porcelain veneering. The finished zirconium crown contains no metal, so it mimics the appearance of natural tooth enamel.

Can be ready in 1 week

Depending on the dental situation, up to one week from the start to the final delivery can be sufficient. Even during the completion period, there is no need to be without teeth; during the interim period, the function of the zirconium crown or bridge is provided by a temporary prosthesis.
Natural elegance

Realistic porcelain

Natural teeth are coloured by the translucent enamel and the underlying yellowish dentin. The structure of the zirconium crown is similar. The lower, hard zirconium frame is supported by the upper, shiny and translucent porcelain veneer. Premium quality Ivoclar porcelain gives the crown a natural look similar to enamel.

Most popular crown type

Zirconium porcelain crowns are the first choice of patients, as this is the crown type that not only provides a natural look, but also safely and durably serves the chewing needs for years to come.
When is a zirconium crown a good choice?

Both grind and smile zone

The zirconium porcelain crown is made of natural materials and contains no metal, so it can reproduce the original colour of the tooth. Zirconium is an extremely strong, solid material, so a bridge can be made if several teeth are missing. In the case of dental implants, titanium dental implants can also be used as a superstructure.

Replacement of missing teeth

The first choice of crown or bridge material in the milling zone is zirconium. It is a durable material that is safe to use for long periods of time and is also highly resistant to chewing and the biochemical effects found in the mouth.
How durable is a zirconium crown?

Natural and solid

Zirconium has been proving its worth as a dental restoration for more than a decade. The only alternative is metal-ceramics, which is slowly being completely replaced by metal-free ceramics, making it safe for people with metal allergies. It is most commonly used to cover root canal teeth.


Metal-ceramic dental restorations are guaranteed for 3 years. The guarantee is conditional on annual check-ups! However, with proper oral hygiene, these crowns and bridges will serve the wearer for many years beyond the warranty period.
CAD-CAM technology
CAD-CAM is an acronym for CAD – Computer Aided Design / CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing. The aim and essence of the technique is nanometre precision.
In contrast to traditional wax pattern making, with laser scanning the information is transferred to the computer and the dental technician works virtually in the computer.
From the computer, the information is transferred to the carving machine, where the machine creates the new zirconium crown frame with nanometre precision.
“Zirconium is a completely natural material. It is a metal-free, white, high-strength material, making it a perfect substitute for metal. Whereas with the old metal-ceramic crowns you were more likely to see grey gums, with zirconium porcelain crowns we can elegantly restore the tooth to its original shape and natural beauty. “

Dr. Máriaföldy Kinga

Dentist, aesthetic dentistry

How much do aesthetic crowns cost?

In our clinic you can choose from several aesthetic crown types. Your dental situation will determine which type is most suitable for you. The treatment plan will always indicate alternative suggestions. Most patients prefer zirconium crowns.